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Takin' it step by step
Like walkin' on water
To a land no man can see
Step by step by step
A little step closer to
The man I long to be

All the things
are now dancing to the new soul

Live is the motion of the soul step
Set the exposure to my one step
This scene'll last to the next step
All those
Listen to the engine, listen to the bell
As the last fire truck from hell
Goes rolling by, all good people are praying,
It's the last temptation
The last
By the cathedral into the sun
The pilgrims are singing
Their journey done
I look at my short life
And think of all the champagne
That I drink
to last
Born with open eyes
But you're blinded by confusion
Born with strength

Let's do it step by step
Into tomorrow
We can make it if we try
Saved by His blood
Changed by His word!

You've been hurt
You've been broken
You've been sad
And the only time you feel good
Just won't last
On the way to your hotel
I passed by then turned around
I was making steps one by one
On the way to your hotel
On the way to your hotel
By the cathedral
Into the sun
Pilgrims are singing
Their journey done
I look at my short life and think
Of all the champagne that I drink

Last December
Mother you have forced us here
Last December
Father now we'll disappear
Last December
One last step we fade away

So we take
making his last plea to God
Soon up the numbered steps to the scaffold I'll trod
My footsteps won't falter I'll walk with a smile
For I know you'll be
spend my money 'cause it's mine
Down on SoCo and lime
'Cause it's girls night out

I'm gonna do my two step, do my, do my two step, step tonight
spend my money cause it's mine
Shot of SoCo and lime
Cause it's girls night out

I'm gonna do my two step, do my, do my two step, step tonight
Everybody feels a bit of emptiness sometimes
Now what you gonna do about that

There's a way to keep going
Step by step
Try to fix what's been
And by the time that you step out of shower
And start to dry your hair
You have long since ceased to care about
Our last time

While you put your make
This was meant to be
I'll make ya scream and shout
Yeah you know I like it loud

Let's go all the way
Step by step I'm movin' forward
Let's go all
To long gone sanity

It hurts deep below

Emerge at the last step
Your trembling voice is calling me
Step by step you set me free
My urge too strong my body weak
The cruse in mind for which I seek

I'm cryin' icicles instead of tears
So pack your bags and move on out
There ain't nothin' for you here

Baby, I know it's over
I got a last idea
souls is what we crave

Step into the flames
You are our guest for eternity

No use to look to the skies
Clench your hands one last time

Domination for
the Shwing?)
I am, I am
(And by the order of Swing on hand)
I present to you, the whole shalam
Last was the gas, flower by the pound
Shoo, puppy tough,
See now I don't wanna see an era, an era, an era
See now I just wanna live forever, and ever
Maybe it's the last night
Maybe it's the last night
I'll always stay

Girl, lately my sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be without you
Feels like I took my last step
won't go it alone
If you roll it on home

The last ten texts were with your ex
And all of 'em were sent by you
But you keep starin' at your phone
to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride

If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye
caught with your drawers down
You can step right up, step right up
That's right, it fillets, it chops, it dices, slices,
Never stops, lasts a lifetime,