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them up, $100,00 ransom, no subtracting 

Front doors, tell your mans, don't panic, open the drug stores 


Then we breezing the law
Blowing that weed from my jaw

G's up hoe's down
East Side to by dog 
(East Side)
All the time man
Thanks for even asking
trip, get pistol-whipped
By a psycho maniac sick in his head
want to be a gangster, now he's dead
His brother took over, ain't no sweat
Bought a new
Bigger house, 10,000 dollar purse fam
She let you in, she wanted rent by the 1st man
She the ring leader in a clique of birds
And they shadowy, like
running from jake
Shopping sprees copping threes rocking designer things
No more selling poppy seeds or hocking diamond rings
Celebration of life,
sell out and find a quick way out
By selling poison to another
Poison for pay rotts the brain away
Caught in the devil's trap
Some call it dope, some
mami's the chills
Bitch please! and you ain't never seen a hotter nigga in the game
12 years selling records by the mill, see'mon now

Let's work (huh

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