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[Repeat: x2]
What you're gonna do when you're sitting all alone
In your empty ass home with the mother fucker sawed-off
Pop off the rock ship, pop
seh mi nah run
Pop off mi 'Matic and squeeze off some

Under mi weed and rum
Gyal ah wheel and done
Big, fat machine inna di street and done
would dead jump in your fight, I would dead jump in your fight
Now what's poppin?

Who wanna pop off?
Who wanna start war?
You talkin' shit?
and sigh
No patience to wait 'til by and by
Kiss me quick, I'm off, goodbye!
Pop! Goes the weasel.

Half a pound of tupenny rice,
Half a pound
are evil, lie after lie
The public is armed, and ready to die
(Ready to die)

(Civil war)
What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white,
the hood rat, shorty on the wood

Murder, bad boy ya block off ah
Murder, rude boy ya pop off ah
Murder, nine millimeter me say
Murder, no time fi talk,

I'm just a country boy singin' my song
So come on y'all, sing along
Pop a top off and get your good time on
Pop pop a top off and get your
up super slow like
Pop off the trunk, drop the top on the slug
Hang the AK, h-hang the AK
The chin creep up super slow like
Pop off the trunk, drop
Yeah, ya know
Nah, nah, nah, outta road
You have to defend your own, well

Now ease off, squeeze off, pop it off
Now ease off, you have
Work and roll up
Skrrt, just pop off the whole ting
No H yutes, just pop off your whole gym
Pop off the whole block
And just lock up the whole
to Shanghai
'Bout to pop off
How we survive

Where we goin' tonight?
Yeah it's money time
What we gonna do?
Like it's Fortnite (Fortnite)
Where we goin'
har skirt and a pop off har shirt
'Cause she waan di vitamin S
Gal nah tek nuh check
'Cause it good fi stress dem waan di vitamin S

Gal inna heat, gal
the mess
That feels so right

Come on a Monday
Come on a Tuesday
They'll never know
Pop off a cork for Wednesday
Play with me Thursday
Talk shit, get shot
Act hard motherfucker, get shot
Pop off, get shot
Run up motherfucker, get shot

Niggas ain't blew up the spot in awhile
Yeah, freaky conversation, got you worryin 'bout temptation
She got work, she takin' off, she got that work, she need a boss
I pop that bra, she
or a rockstar
Everybody play the tough guy 'til shit pop off

Let's take it to the basics, you in the midst of greatness
My Martin was a Maison, rocked
Like a moth she moves to the red light
Her blood warms and boils there
She skims the sweat like a new milk
And pops the buttons off her wet blouse
the truth, dem dem execute
Pop off remote ready fi put yu pon mute
Flad me recruit Selassie I youth
Babylon dis, a fire undilute
Pop off dem gun and a we
Brutal man beasts
Crossbred species
Faces of horror
Commence the gore
Claws off noses
Pops out eyeballs
Peeling back scalps
Breaking bodies

Talk awkward, pop off and rock proper
Big stack of rhymes sits inside of my top locker
Vest like a biker, [?]
Walk into a room, unintentional
In these long, hot summer days
Need a way to cool ourselves down
Pop off the top of that Chevrolet
Drive through the car wash
Laugh and fall
smoke the best dope (best dope)
I pop off a tag when I change clothes (change clothes)
Ain't the same young nigga from the ghetto (ghetto)

I done
And pop off the lid and then
Here's what I would have done
Would have never done wrong
And the telly's still on while?

You say that you did it
kiss my ass!
If you downright spoiled and feel I don't do enough for you, 
That's right, kiss my ass !
Pop off when you see me, keep it movin or breathe

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