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Good evening Mr.Waldheim
and Pontiff how are you?
You have so much in common
in the things you do

And here comes Jesse Jackson
he talks
Things were never great
We were just leaving well enough alone
Someone was always on their knees
Polishing the pontiff's throne

So I doffed my hat
There's no edit you just get it
Cuz I'm so tired of all you self Righteous goddamn pontiffs
You just talk until you make me vomit
Cuz you're so
and Jesuits 
Holding secret conference 
Underneath the pontiff's nose 
And only god will ever know 

Sinister Rouge 
Coming back for more to even
benedictus rectum
Pax benedictus rectum
That's what all the people say
You may call me Supreme Pontiff
(Hello Supreme Pontiff)
And my services are full
(Oh so
Staying low running home
Never show the truth pontiff Sulyvahn
I got a chapel full of doom
Bleak nights, weak days whatchu gon' assume
Flicker all
the prominant dogma inside the city of Romulus
The crown of the pontiff's synonymous with Orisis' - the
Washington monument is a Kemetic obelisk
No proposal's
a boat on the Tyne at high tide,
And they've come from all over, from far and from wide."
There's the old Dalai Lama, aye and the Pontiff of Rome,
question or debate"
Most of what we know as art is the projection of a faith
A product of a Pontiff for the election of a saint
A gift from the red for
your head with great respect
And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect

Do whatever steps you want if
You have cleared them with the pontiff
Everybody say
your head with great respect
And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect

Do whatever steps you want if
You have cleared them with the pontiff
Everybody say
lingers on

He can't enfold the sun or moon, or wind within his hands
But count the times he'll shout the great I am
With all the while a pontiff smile,
of Jameson
Grey ashes in a tray
I put out
Got cancer sick
Got on a plane
Visited the Vatican
To watch the pontiff wave
And he say
All hail the Monarch
We're part of an ark
Our realm is invaded
By those we haven't defeated
Betray your pontiff
Banish your traitors
Violate your
spread the word
from their profound bibles
Frozen throne
The self-proclaimed pontiff keeps the gates
Of the frosted city
Go back home
The coffin hides
hegemony, we're insanely whipping
Pontiffs are crying while we're burning the shrines
They're swallowed into the deepest of flaming pits

Dethroned slutgod
like John Wayne Gacy
Watch in amazement, watch for the throne 
I can see you get shaky, you'll topple like Rome 
I might not poison the pontiff but I can
one, classified narcotic, cosmic high priest atomic
Everything in due process, beatification of a pontiff
Non profit across 7 continents, hit the office
The flame guides the way

The battle it rages on
Attacking you with this clone
He strikes him down with a blow
And now he's dethroned, pontiff
Trabea - Chosen by the gods
Porta - A veil of knowledge
Egeria - My celestial consort!

As the king confirmed on the Tarpeian hill
As pontiff
jangulova (ahan)
Your course i go carry over
Baby don’t leave me never
Oh baby don’t leave me never
Don’t let me go oo
2kisbabyyah don’t let me go oh
and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few christians 
Who will obey the true sovereign pontiff and the roman church with loyal hearts
the A okay, Peter
With his wooly hair
Then the archangel Michael next to
Mother Mary, she's got the only

On the third tier, with the pontiffs
heaven sent
Under the sediment
Already skeletons
Somewhere irrelevant 
Where every pontiff and prophet and poet 
All wind up the same way
Weighing the end

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