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a Mockery
Ya don't make songs, ya talk Pompously
We don't blame you dog, just Squash the beef
Go on move it along
Y'all ain't nothing to see
Y'all confuse
In cold, ice and frost within darkness i stay
As time passes by frozen i remain
Untamed and wild pompously i persevere

A beauty of ancient decent i
the drop! (Before the drop!)

Here he comes-the man I know so well
He who keeps me captive in this cell
Pompously, he calls to passersby
"It only costs one
Magniloquent's a stupid fucking word
It means that you use stupid fuckin words
You're so pompously bombastic and turgidly high-flown 
I wonder if
getting high as astronomy
Cautiously plotting my exit out this dying economy
Pour the purple
Running circles around your favourite rapper pompously
I can't abide push come to shove

Pitted against
Silence as fists
Pompously judging from above

When we divide
Nowhere to hide
From the wrath within
I'm perfect don't you see
Filter change what I see
Blind to hypocrisy 
Something's coming in

Venom in ichor 
Context framed pompously
Reflections in
stare at objects to find beauty
Hope I don't seem to talk pompously, try and look abstractly

If you don't see we're all made of codes
Deciphering is
awkward goodbyes

I've never had much family never had too many friends
Then you came wandering through
And pompously I took you for granted
That's why
God-fearing man
Talks of love, morals, faith, salvation, charity, and …
Never mentions the other woman he often rams!

Verse 2

She sits so pompously,
had gone too far, these invaders from the east, with their imperial eagle
which they dared to drive into our sacred soil... pompously claiming our

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