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sculpt the pole, ordinary folk
Could be dead on the door, head on the bolt
Eggs getting scrambled, eggs getting poached
Either way you gonna feel
my eggs poached for breakfast I guess

I think I'll be Clint Eastwood
Jimi Hendrix he was good
Let's try William the Conqueror
Now who else do I
poached eggs
And I want to go to the bathroom
What do we do now
What do we make of this

Can my blood flow
Apart from your stitch

Let's sew our pants
easy at all
Thinkin' it right and doin' it wrong
It's easier from an arm chair
Waves of alternatives wash over my sleepiness
Have my eggs poached for
I hear your shoes sigh on the floor
You’re drunk on rum poached agony
Love’s a sheet with cigarette burns
Countless lessons never learned

cooking lessons.
So help me, she flunked poached egg.
I took one skiing lesson.
You're wrong folks I broke my arm.

I called the doctor
In great
some kind of first base coach
I luh I like my egg poached, hard over easy!
In the drive through, hollerin' at her breezy!

All my niggas havin' fancy
I go to work from 10:30 until 6 a.m
Raking up those dimes and quarters
Slinging eggs and ham
Scrambled,poached or over easy
Coffee black
baby baby. 
My bad I meant to say baby baby.
Goodnight, good mornin'. 
Let's do it again. 
Get over here woman.
I poached her up, then I coached her
I go to work from 10:30 until 6 a.m.
Raking up those dimes and quarters
Slinging eggs and ham
Scrambled, poached, or over easy
Coffee black
The clotting glands encroach 
The endless comfort of a mom 
Deep inside my tanning salon 
Wishing life was poached 

La la la la la la la 
La la la la la
Coke cans
I guess it's better than being poached
But I'd give my horn just to see my homeland

I'm a lone rhinoceros
There ain't one hell of a lots
poached from notable giant Kaiju
Fat neck, fine tooth, rock and lean, yelling
"this ends now eat the god damn beans!" ah!
Hangdog mouth talk slang wrong
Once upon a time, before the lakes and rivers were polluted
Before the animals were poached to extinction
And before man had destroyed the earth's
-- part is Hyde
My eggs are poached -- and then they're fried
I can be chaste -- I can be sexual
I'm powerful -- well sometimes ineffectual
The tension almost seems.
Then you blow a bubble and offer me your jellybean.
The enamel of your mind is cracking.
Your eyes fully like poached eggs.
But I
Nigga don't you know what my style can't be poached 

and every nigga around, probably got beef wit somebody 

But that's the same nigga between
a French press
And a crossword, one down, but I digress
Poached eggs in my finest robe, never tie this
Loungewear leisure, lookin' like your highness
and mind,
		And with better eating habits
		We’re all becoming quite refined!

Verse 2	So now we dine on soup of the day,
	Lightly poached salmon, truffles
tired of the background?
But Since we all back on track now
I got a message for you: don't back down
Voice of the abused and black towns
Who were poached
The water's boiling, poached eggs waiting 
The toast I notice, still on the plate 
The queen of diamonds lying face down 
Your hidden message makes no sense
expressin' it non-stop
Niggas ride coach, slow down for the approach
And bring a long toast for gettin' yo' eggs poached
Even off the tone, top notch off
The overplayed disco song
Pumps into the ceiling
Where my poached eggs
Run over my teeth
It's mother's day
I delve into
The almost creature
with their buckets full of mudslides

Ten erratic moods that commune around a plus sign
Vulnerable species, life on the red list
Poached in the city

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