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me to sea

I wanna learn to surf
Ocean verve
And plunge myself in this earth

I wanna surf as it turns moon to sun
Until the blue bleeds to hues
let the night slow you down
Got to get the passengers home
The road is empty, your lights are bright
Don't let the night slow you down
Be-be-bus plunge
plunge with it
Plunge with it yeah yeah plunge with it
I see they under and I'm really having fun with it
Standing firm on my words and no I don't fidget
it’s all about
Starting time for a life astound
Learn, nobody came crowned
Plunge in my soul through my eyes
The world waits for vital signs
Facing time,
It's such a

Plunge into the swirl of light
Get into the echoing rhythm
Inside the growling bass
You feel like you're empty

When he
I'm reminiscing on my angel fish
And I wish
That I could find the underwater city of Atlantis
I can feel her kiss
Just before I plunge in the aquatic
asking for too much
She was thinking she shit took her out with a Iike a plunge
I ain't have to join the cheer team just for me to stunt
Our relationship
a candle
Feel it melt
Sinister drive
And aimless flow

Singe so sweet
Just plunge
Just plunge
Just plunge
Just plunge!
Just plunge!

If life's a candle
And in the place of its birth
Breeds a new Nazarene

Grind down the iron gears
Plunge the pike, work, work

With extinct human skills
She's all I want
I've taken the plunge

And I've fall in hells over head 
She's more than enough
She's more than enough
She's got mad
equipped for the day
Remember that it's not too late to pray
Because of Christ anxiety won't stay
You've gotta take the plunge and start today
You've gotta
the plunge, and don't look back

Grip release, grip release, grip release
Grip release, grip release, grip release
Around the world

Now turn the music up
a deal
Don't even think
Give me your everything
Don't you run, take that plunge
Take a drink
Don't even think
Give me your everything
Don't you run, take
and taking your time
Destroying the youth should be a crime

I won't let the pop ruin my life
Take ahold of the knife
Plunge it in and end the strife
the storm drain
It's the way I solve things
Deal with it all day
It won't change
Stacked up again
Lost in the end
Too broken to bend
We both took the plunge
A forgotten dream woke me up
Put sailing on my mind
The wind finally picked up
Conditions are fine

Go on, take the plunge 
Feel the sea call
Go on,
the taste of a fresh cafetière
Colombian Blend and 10 minutes to brew
Coffee for the many and not the for the few
Plunge for your friends, plunge for a guest
the few 
Plunge for your friends, plunge for a guest
Plunge for yourself and plunge for the rest
In this rap there's no instant crap
It's not just caffeine
be your white light, I can be your hope
There will be no mercy I can feel it in my bones

So plunge me into the dark and see how much I will scream
nobody tells
You'll simply have to hope
Your first impression sells
So take the plunge
And don't you doubt
The tone is set
From here on out
A pretty
Could you change?
Could you take the plunge?
Could you take the plunge to actuality?

You told me brother when the frequencies go out
Do you wonder
Take my hand as we plunge for them
Plunge for them
Take my hand as we plunge for them
Plunge for them
Can we find it oh
Can I begin 
My life if over
to the stars as they plunge from the sky
Burning this atmosphere in sulfuric cries
Ephemeral, ephemeral, ephemeral...
 My once solid walls are starting
For The Sewer, Spurt On Out
Waste The Drops Down The Trap

Slosh About
To Mired, Muck And Murk
A Plunge Sucked In A Drain
Slosh About A Plunge

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