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It's wonderful
Shoutout to the first car
This was plotted way before the fame
I been whippin' since that '97 cocaine 
Peanut butter insides with
catchin Zs on me 
I worked like my whole life 
To get what I have now 
I plotted every move to flex on you somehow 
I worked like my whole life 
To get what
I plotted for this day in so many ways
I was learning how to play before i dropped a song 
I was staying in my lane and i was planning my own  tour
cutting like tears
Been dreaming my whole life
Difference is I went and made it real life
See I just plotted
plotted plotted plotted
And they really don't
I plotted my way and i followed the map
I'm coming back to back just to fill up the racks 
I'm really on attack and I'm balling like dak
I'm coming
me up on the speakers
I don't careif you don't really wanna hear me

Remember the days
All of the ways we plotted for what
What we do got now
You gotta know it's right
I can't stop this course we've plotted, yeah
This thing called love we got it
No place for the brokenhearted
I can't
Dolores Roach
We could've all turned out to be 
Like we plotted and schemed
Why does it feel empty anyway?

We wrote every single note and chord
Keep hating, we're the greatest
There's no chance that you could stop this shit
Young when I had I plotted this
I want it, I am copping it
The way I
about your mindset and do you give back
Lotta people hating, but I ain't never did that 
I seen success, went home plotted how to get that 
I made my
Niggas playing well in back in my burk 
Niggas playing put yo ass on a shirt 
I was waiting they was passing my turn 
Never hated I just plotted
lenders no tender ness in my 
Souls swipe left swipe right you'll never match my growth 

Ever since we plotted numbers through your summers who really want
"They plotted against me
It's all because of envy 
I thought they was wit me 
They all was pretending 

Pull off in a Bently 
N fuck Up the city 
This honest tempting promise

Hypnotic like the goddess plotted
Tuning optics a-la pocket prophets
Viewed melodically, symbolically
Still all on me
had plotted on me
Ain't nothing change cause I got designer on me
I'm jus trynna hold it down
But I don't know who gone hold me down

I'm not D1 but you
nigga just sold bricks
And Tony he was reckless he never had no picks
Tony was like the Alpo, Ty was the Lil Rich
Two niggas with a dream that plotted
the come up
Did it on my own, plotted 'til I took the summer, yeah-yeah

All on my own, this how we made it
I got no more words, Hakuna Matata
I got it,
Switched on a nigga
I ain't give a fuck
Friends turn against you
They go and they come
Plotted went got it
I'm running it up
Check us out now
strawberries in spring but then you plotted my fall
I know you remember
I know you remember
I know you remember
I hope you remember
I hope you remember
I hope
She the best thing that a nigga never had
Caught up in a daze thinking bout all the ways that I'll never get her back
Yea I plotted and I planned I
mind wasn't in range to love on me
So she plotted on a nigga heart then she snatched my soul
Pierced so deep in my brain now i cant let her go
plotted a scheme (plotted a scheme)
Im makin my music be more than a dream ( be more than a dream)
Will never fall off won’t need to redeem (won't need
always keep the heat close by
Know that they plotted they hoping I die
I will always keep the heat close by
Know that they plotted they hoping I die
something with me, but she blew it
Niggas plotted on me in the store but I knew it
I'm in a Hemi, I cannot slow down, imma floor it
I was down bad had to kick

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