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Amaran's Plight

to my Mary, 
I hae sworn by the Heavens to be true; 
And sae may the Heavens forget me, 
When I forget my vow! 

O plight me your faith, my Mary,
There is a place which no one has seen
Where it's still possible to dream
An uncharted world which will be unfurled
Wander constantly by
Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Diversions cast upon our souls
The meek shall inherit our fears

Stray from this tranquil place
Guarded by all fear
Submit now to this curse
In out
Engrossing plight fatal rot 
Consuming scum 
Drenched in evil excrement 
Sent to a world to die in pain by 
Drowning in viscera 

Engulfed in the innards
of light
Connecting points of futures past, is its only plight

Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
Spending with a hands of time, flying
just to see you
Man's truth living is lost
By the time you hear this when your position is took

My brothers in the plight
Who ain't got your head
I made my bed but I couldn't sleep in it
With the man in red tracking me minute by minute
Running like a horse
Always looking behind me
and tight
Makes change for a 50 in dim candle light
Ignoring the groping hoping you might
Come across with a tip and sympathize with her plight
Tip that
Say bye - bye to any hope
Of angels that wear white
By yourself alone you are
And ego is your plight
Ego is your plight
Ego is your plight see
I'm best again
Come on
Come on


Salmonella lacks of taste
What's the plight of plague?
Love's been slayed by rules obeyed
A dagger's thrust will be his end this night
Then to be king I'll pay the price

The lady and I devised a plan
Duncan expires by my hand
I deserve
I will pray
For your god to guide you home

And she cries for the soldier's return
Despair at feeling alone for so long
By the light
What is left when the morning comes
Is the memory of a future
And when my plight is done
There is nothing left to hold onto

There were friends
In what´s vanished from your eyes 

What came and distorted your sight
Saw you benighted by your fright 

Come into this night
Your plight alone
Two winters gone in a blur of sleepless nights
Day in, day out, I worked through the same old plight
By then I'd stopped looking for my way out
haunted by pain
It takes more than one sleepless night in the rain

All the people gather to see how he lived 
But tonight the poet sleeps with me
broken by the sullen tears of loss and grief
Or loss and grief

Come to Me, who are weary
And I will give you rest for your soul
My yoke and burden are
quest for freedom, much like the northern lights 
So beautiful and bright 
But far beyond the mortal's grasp 
As witnessed by our plight

Too much casual
of Christian goodness
When he learned about your plight
You maintained he made a present of his silver

That is right
But my friend you left so early
cause the plight that I have is to make the people groove 
the plight that I have is to make the people move 
what you wanna do, what do to groove what
Visited by an angel, a very special gift, months of
Pain have followed as I have fought a cancer plight
But I was sent an angel to show I had a strength,
screaming out every fright
Eagerly awaiting plight
Apparitions from the pits of Hell
Death plagues the streets in which they dwell
Demented lust,


Rottting my integrity consumptive union seems to be expression of
Decline my plight too much time behind the wheel staccato biker stuck on