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home to me
Mm, are your kisses so warm 
Can you, can you carry my storm
Oh Lord, just one move and your gone 
Love on the wing, carry my prayer
angel city
I can't do it by myself
So if you please
Mama, can you save me
Before I blow this life to hell

Oh, love
Mama drag me by the feet
And just drag
By the time you leave
I'll be saving all my green
For a homebound train to carry me
On old familiar steam

I wish you'd hurry up
And leave or come
Did you really want to know?
Please your feelings out loud (don't fade away).
Blinded by the light, taking it over.
Your silhouette carries me home
carry this with me for two reasons the last so I never was broke

Oh I've had a lot of beautiful dreams of things that might have been
So please buy
Higher than high, we've had enough confusion
Carry me back, carry me back
Please take me back

Don't sit home alone
Follow the stars ahead
Maybe you
I'm beggin' you
Just carry me home (home home home home home)

I know we fuss and fight yeah a little bit
I've had a couple drinks well a little bit
For all this time
Please come home

All the while you're gone
I carry on
I count the days
All this time alone
Here on my own
While you're away
When they laid her in the grave
Will the circle be unbroken
By and by lord by and by
Please tell me there's a better home awaiting
In the sky lord in
Please carry me home

I share this cellar with five of my friends
When the big bell rings our day's at an end
We clear our throats from the dusty air
Waiting for a sign, a touch of your grace 
To carry me home, under these waves... I'm slipping... 
O Crying like a child for the day to begin,
Waiting for a sign, a touch of your grace
To carry me home, under these waves... I'm slipping...
Crying like a child for the day to begin,
You've done better by me than I've done by you

Ohh, I'm drowning in you
Ohh, I'm drowning in you
I'm goin' back home that's what I'm gonna do
it to me? Oh

Baby won't ya drive me mad? Baby don't ya let me feel bad
Baby don't ya leave me alone, baby won't ya carry me home?
Baby won't ya jump
Oh right, oh
Oh why na-da-da-da
I keep my head high
I got my wings to carry me
I don't know freedom
I want my dreams to rescue me
I keep my faith
home that's what I'm gonna do.
Cause you've done better by me than I've done by you,
I'm drowning in you.
Bringing me down
I'm running aground
Blind in the light of the interstate cars
Passing me by
The buses and semis
Plunging like stones from
If only you could be right here by my side
Home wouldn't seem so far from here

Passport, customs, carry-on
Remember to shut off all your
Mother, I feel like all my days are numbered
Mother, I need some redemption
I remember when you took me down by the city lights
We used to stare
I put the locket that you gave me in a shoebox
With all my favorite high school pictures in a Ziploc
So when I think I'm by myself I know that I'm
must be so hard with you in my mind?
Please leave my head leave me alone!

I want you to come back and carry me home,
Through thunderstorm lightning
Excuse me, John, what are you on?
Can you spare a bit for me to carry on?
Through today, 'til tonight
'Cos tomorrow's out of sight
Out of reach, out of it,
I see your license and registration please?
I don't have my license registration right NOW
But if you give me a chance, I can go home and get it
I'm still running back to you
If you could love me again
I could let go of everything

The darkest night
Never felt so bright with you by my side
Crusader, Crusader, please take me with you
The battle lies far to the East
Crusader, Crusader, don't leave me alone
I want to ride out on your