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Playwright 43  


words unheard by the ages
Spoken from far beyond
I am here to share the unwritten prophecies
Tales of your nightfalls yet to come

My playwright
Shine in
another losing bet

Dance in the spotlight if you dare 
Cast down the playwright, if you dare 
Dance in the spotlight if you dare 
Cast down the playwright
She the prototype
Before she realize
In the night
Got the right play
For the
She a starlight
Saw her
to live
Ready the night by a playwright

A pale blue theatre stage
A feast of beautiful tragedy, wonderful fantasy
The play is yours to write
You may point the crooked cane,
You conspire on my broken brain,
and playwright fate, will have his way

We're all actors in his play
we're all
find a better audience
Just be yourself and you can't help but make the angels smile

Baby all the world's a stage
Playwright pens your final page
and the playwrights
For the stories that said we shouldn't be
If walls were made for justice
It was not for you or me
And peace is like a forest
That is meant to be
About the playwright's continued discomfort
Towards committing to the one thing they've always wanted to discover

I'm going to write a book! I said, 5
As you serve the nectar'd wine

Don't defy the playwright's hand
Lest you're cast a darker role
The pornography of force
Will exact another toll
Coping waiting for a late night
She hates me cause I don't play-write
I hate you cause you won't say you mine/mind
I'm waiting at the place I saw you
I knew you
But the playwright twists it every turn
This play comes in five parts
But I can't get past the second (Let my body have the moment)
And I'm
Candlelit drapes
Hide the merry, the falling

If venice would spare me
I wouldnt feel empty
Glamorous stories
The playwrights here once told me

If venice
cold and jaded
 Playwright's script yet to be graded
Just admiring what you call motive
When every line has been misquoted
It's always
The Quiet Ones
I'm the nigga in the scene like a play-write (Yeah)
And her mouth a private jet  cause it's straight flight 
It get real in the field 
Bag after bag,
See the high wire man, there before the sun
He goes home at night, where he beats his son
The playwright in the attic, in his skylight of sun
I got your voice 
But I never heard your call
When I right, when I wrong 
When I took to fratricide. 
A good playwright could not unmake you 
And all
a doctor and heal the sick
 Or a football star, I can certainly kick
 Be a playwright, put us in your plays
 Or you can be a teacher give ev'ryone A's
The master playwright
Urges you to play right, play wrong;
Life is long and every night's the first night.

The wardrobe mistress
Urges you
The master playwright
Urges you to play right/play wrong;
Life is long and every night's the first night.

The wardrobe mistress
Urges you to dress
that we're feeling, all surrounding us
In the words of a playwright, one is not enough
To experience the act called love, called trust
Called love,
a valley 
I'm the cat, from the alley, from the back, I'ma rally 
And tally up points, rollin joints, risin to the tops 
Somewhat of a playwright, 'cause
Dust smokin', pretty boy playwright posin'
Folks wiggin', whinin' annoyin' Def Jam reject devil
White bread no money havin' slum village people
Rise to wave it
We learn america like a script
Same thing
We bring
Ourselves to the role
We're all rehearsing for
and saddles
You're gone
So long
Day's great
Go play

Deep grill
Sit still
I'll cook
A big chook

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