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it be?"

"A martini and Rossi, Asi Spumante
By the way is that your Caadillac Allante
Parked outside right next to my Monte
Car? You can call it, my
Did anybody hear that
There's a string that just broken my heart
I can feel it 
And the sound of it tears me apart
Play it again
Cause I don't
Cause a woman's gotta make a stand somewhere

Foolishly I wasted all my life on the glitter of the grind night life
Afraid they let my heart strings tie
on us,
Sad that we're apart
Don't wanna talk about it -- don't make me think about it
So please don't speak of my heart.

Written By: Gerry Rafferty
am I giving my heart for
Baby I need a little more
Don't leave me hanging on a string
Now that I gave you everything

Not when I play to win
who's that you move for.
We're all puppets;
We're all marionettes.

These body parts are parts of plans,
Passed by my hands. My hands shake through
life's just a ball
With you by my side, love is worth the fall

So we're tap dancing on a highwire
We could go tumbling down
But something
the world is held together
By the same strings that tug our hearts
And they twist and they pull and get tangled up
And it seems we're all so stuck in this
life's just a ball
With you by my side, love is worth the fall

So we're tap dancing on the highwire
We could go tumbling down
But something makes me
You're a fountain of blood
In the shape of a girl
I'm the bird on the brim
Hypnotized by the whirl
I drink you, make you feel real
Wet my beak
hold on and take my hand
I'm standing right here, you gotta hold on

Well, God bless your crooked little heart
St. Louis got the best of me
I miss your
[Royce Da 5'9"]
Unlock ya locks, and keep ya keys
The Pac in me, got me thinking deeply
I got to shock MC's, wit my philosophy
Cause I think very
(One, two, three...)

There are those among us willing
To get by on anything
Hollow hope of what is coming
A lifetime dangled by a string
a string of children playing water flowin with blood
The pastor stands on his bull-pit while preachin the hell
On the hilltop church with demons ringing
me blinded by the light

It's so quiet in a sense, the silence just reflects
There's a crisis in my head from the vices I possess
And the prices
Lets go, pour the milk in the bowl, make sure its ice cold, 
Hold my hand on the top so it won't overflow. 
Forget playing outside with my friends from
throwaway pianos past
A late train to my lost love

Listen to those dead pianos, pins stuck in their hearts
Clang tap bell pedal down dead wood chipped
the chips
20's for the six
Hollows for the clips
Try me, if you think I'm playing bitch
And the police we'll have another crime scene taker
Jim Star crush
my past
Will come back to haunt me
But the consequenses are more than I can bare"
I feel that shit
This piece right here
Is about what comes with fame
don't cue the strings,
It ain't over 'til Beth Ditto sings

So how could I ever quit
My position? Don't fuck with me - celibate
Groupie go home, you
never know
You found a reason for leaving
Soon as I gave my love to you

Verse 2:
I'm broken hearted once again
I've been dismissed by my man
by my side
Bitches; oh

Verse 1
I've got the bitches with me,
In case you're wondering were they at
They in my crib playing, kissing and fucking with
INTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes - talking]
Yeah, yeah yeah. I got my man in the studio, Mac. What's going on money?
[Mac] Yo what's up? Chill
refuse to dummy down and follow the herd
I’m gonna say what I believe and stand by my word
See, i’ve never known the taste of a silver spoon
Never took

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