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be	 at the helm
High at the Oregon House
Bobby be	, Saint Vicious, D-Loc and I'm Daddy X
Saying work hard, play hard, and stay hard
Oh and a one more
So what is it you have to say?"
He said, "Mary, marry me.
We could live out by the sea
Like they do on the movie screen
Oh, marry me, Mary May
bobby I just wanna play, 
So what is this you have to say? 
He said, Mary, marry me. 
We could live out by the sea 
Like they do on the movie screen.
No foul play, no foul play
Want them of love all the way, and no foul play
Want them of love and not the negative way
RZA want no drive-by car,
daughter came home one afternoon and didn't even stop to play
She said mama I got a note here from the Harper Valley PTA
The note said Mrs Johnson you're
By nature we get naughty

Want 100% of your twelve play
Confessions, you're gettin' in my way
Can you stand the rain like Bobby
Who gon' keep
her do the things she's never done
Feeling like Phil when I make the play
Everything will be a-okay

Now I think about man as long as I keep doing
hated the pool, man
So I tried to play Kotter and make things cool

And I said, ?Just let him smell you, hold out your hand?
He reached it on out and then
of fate,
Your future stands upon the prow
Your past drowns in the wake.
What chance is there for sanity

When madness takes the helm,
And steers you
play the back
But the way you treat me, girl, is like a heart attack
I'm real troop trooper and with all the times
That you were by my side diggin'
post but you play me close
If I want to drink up you won't even toast

Girl, I work so hard for you from 9 to 5
So you could have the finer things in
Girl, the only thing that matters in my life,
Is that I'm down for you and treat you right
You've got no cause to treat me cold as ice

Oh, girl
Rooks get tooken by the Knight 
Lose they Crown by tryna defend a Queen 
Checkmate, in 4 moves the Bobby Fischer of rap 
With raw moves in a time where
the things she had to say
She said, "I'd like to address
This meeting of the Harper Valley P.T.A."

Now there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there
And seven times
YouknowhatI'msayin? I'm gonna just slide in the studio quick 
Yo, yo 
And get this done 

Verse One: Killah Priest 
When you're sexually
you is not iffy
I always want you with me
I'll play Bobby and you'll play Whitney
If you smoke, I'll smoke too
That's how much I'm in love with you
at the record plant
The record plant?
Oh, bobby sherman records here
I just love bobby sherman and david cassidy
Do you know david cassidy?
No, i...
Have you
the road more than properly
They can't do it like we
They can't do it like my donnies
If you get stopped by police
Tell them that it's only broccoli
through the body of this youngun'
Play like Bobby Byrd on your back and your coming to
The house of the jazz, of the funk, of the rhythm
All the goods
Bobby and you play Whitney
(All long)
If you smoke I smoke too
That's how much I'm in love with you
Crazy is what crazy do
Crazy love I'm a crazy fool
East Oakland, yeah, that's right

Oakland, California, West Coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
I became a rapper at the age
"Moving up!" "East Oakland, yeah that's right" (Repeat 4x)

Oakland, California, West Coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
niggas all gold chains to remind me of it
We're still holdin' that old thing, tryna rob me of it
One time for the trill bitches that'll let me touch it
the army now
A hierarchy of hazing
Partly a comrade, partly a play thing
Heart with a place for the guard
Who execute grace with a X-ed out face
by, your back get a chill
Let's peel, you want to talk, rap skills I spit like a semiautomatic to the grill
Elbow grease, and elbow room Baby play me,

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