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A-yo catch this word bubonic plaque, 
In your head back chest arms and legs 
When I'm coming through grab your cranium for ultimatum 
Punk I faze
A shiny gold plaque 
With a small brass tack 
Hold the wire on the back 

To my beloved Martha 
A shiny gold plaque 
With a small brass tack
steel ]
Look inside you will see wallpaper on the wall
A plaque that says home sweet home is hanging in the hall
Flowered paper and the plaque that we
to Grandma
What the hell is that?
It a painted rock with google eyes
It's a matchstick cross where Jesus died
It's a plaque that says 'I Heart My Home'
Out of Canajoharie
Call me sentimental 
But I want to go back 
And commemorate the place 
With a historical plaque

It's as if a fin
what that dollar bill
Only one man got the combination to the safe
Grammy nominated once but I'm still movin' base

See them plaques on a nigga wall
the flood
Some people
Got away all right
The river had busted
Through clear
Down to Plaque-mines
Six feet of water
In the streets
Of Evangeline
J'ai plaqué mon job à la station-service
C'était plus supportable
Les filles qui montraient leurs cuisses que par vice
Dans les décapotables
200 watts
En paire de bottes
Délicate et désinvolte
C'est pas des cracs
Quand elle me sourit
J'me détraque
À coups d'insomnie

Tu me plaques
plaques comme une affiche au mur
J'porte plainte pour coups et blessures
J'étais à deux doigts
De finir fou de toi
Fou de toi

Deux cent watts
touch my back if your fucking hands are dirty
I'm up early

And I got racks on racks on racks and got plaques on plaques on plaques
Tell them to just calm
christian scientists can but display marble plaques
Which only retell legends whilst my eyes reach out for facts
Yeah, my eyes reach out for facts
got plaques on plaques, yeah
Hits on hits, yeah, in the mix
Huncho farm (Huncho), got your bitch on porn (yeah, smash)
Whip's too foreign (skrrt,
And even Christian Scientists can but display marble plaques 
Which only retell legends whilst my eyes reach out for facts

Yeah, my eyes reach out for
I will never feel the ribbon break
I will never taste sweet victory
I don't want to leave the rest behind
I don't want inscription on a plaque
on the plaque
His mother is another that will never get him back
I'm laid out
Like a martyr on a redwood plaque.
She's burning
The ticks right off my back.

I'm indulgent
I like to cater to peculiar whims
A most terrible painful death
From which there is no salvation.
Intestinal worms burrow throughout you corpse
As the plaque reveals its ultimate
of pride is a monument of dicks and ribs and gender crowns we wore
Where underneath, a plaque will read, 
A plaque will read: "No woman is a whore"
Immortalised plaque of remembrance
With reverence their names are listed
Glorified and in honour held
In commemorance of those that fell 

To those once
les tons
Tu n'es pas là là là
Et y a guère
Que l'écho qui répond
Et j'ai le la bémol
Plaqué au sol

Depuis j'attends le jour
Où, l'air de rien
sera vachement mieux
Flanque-toi une balle dans la tête
Arrache ton flip et plaque-le
Plaque tout

T'as perdu ton coup de fourchette
Dans les petites
trapped within your temple flesh
suffering the plaque of darkness
dive into eternal rest

skinny dukes in dusty dress outs
midget minded demon
a price 
I'll trade in all my cars 
For someone who will love me for life 

They can take away my platinum plaques 
That fame and fortune, don't mean

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