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planting my garden (planting my garden) harvesting everysing with love (love, love, love, love) the sun keeps shinning down 

One seed two seed 3,4, and 5.
coming we bless them (bless them)

Sowing a seed yuh I’m planting a seed,

Blessings coming down yes indeed!

Hop in the coop and I’m drifting I’m bringing
I’m givin’ all my love to
Someone who won’t give it back

I’m planting flowers on a gravel road
Waiting on a bloom
Trying to make a garden grow
couldn't get over
I tried my best
Get it off my chest

Songs we never wrote
Seeds they wouldn't sow

We're taken it all to the end
And we're planting
planting's coming soon
And the thought of you comes on like the feel of the coming rains

In the town neon flickers in the ruins
Seven crows swoop past
Just letting the time pass me by

I'm digging roots I'm planting seeds
Loving you you loving me
I'm digging roots I'm digging roots I'm digging roots
Loving you is holding you
And lifting you up
Planting the seeds and then watching you grow
Even though it's hard to do
It's letting you fall
us, save me from this horticulture
'Cause I've been planting so much seeds
I've been planting so much seeds  

But I can feel, I can feel the power
Something we could really use
If we could get you on the evening news
And spruce up the facts

We'd go straight to the moon
Planting the seeds
And then
say this was unforeseen.

Well, they're planting the seeds,
For destruction's eve.
Then take away your rights to keep your free.

Yeah, they're
I'm planting this thought in a magnetic field

And pushing the button
And all of a sudden
Erase everything rotten
Fascinated and uptight
Make me
become part oft he pavement  plastic footprints to sell as a sole 

Planting the seed alot of memories collected as waterfalls
We're planting the seed
Liquid Louise is planting some seeds
Planting some seeds in her garden
Liquid Louise I'm down on my knees
Asking you please will you love me

to blame
Came up planting  seeds
With my G's
Came up on steez through these trees
These 34 st homies would bleed
At anybody who came for me

That's me guilty
words into our ears
Planting the seed through the years

Their time is done this will come to an end

Pray for the end of this nightmare
Take back our
thirst to blinding eyes
Blinding eyes

Planting seeds can't be the only way, the only way
Planting seeds can't be the only way out

Planting seeds
a sea of shells
I'm good at planting my own seeds
To sprout endless hell
It's dark like Poe

Forgiveness came we embrace the key,
Found water
to act, but not I

Planting the seeds you sow is easier than closing your eyes
Let's go outside and it might restore us whole
And more for the fire that
Janie always said I was a mess
I'm sorry 'bout that mess
I made her bleed
I'm planting my seed
Still I knew she could take it if I opened up
just need to run
And you need it too
And I catch your eye
And I feel the wind
And it feels so high

We're planting up the acorns
The one that vomits,
The one that needs,

A million scars,
A million promises,

And all your sad endings,
Are planting in their gardens,
eyes, hope I see you shine
We're planting a flag they don't understand
The world is up for grabs (Hey, hey, hey)
We gon' be alright, put that on my
Ancients walk on the land rising out of the sea
Planting seeds in the sand growing you and me before and after be

Into the blue bright yellow spies
trees of righteousness
The planting of the Lord that He might be glorified

He gives us beauty for ashes
He has given us oil of joy for mourning

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