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Billy Ver Planck  


di Planck annullerai la nostra voce
Costellazioni di parole l'universo parlerà
Scrivendo mille frasi che nessuno ascolterà
Alzando gli occhi al cielo
Starting expansion at blistering pace
Singularity expanding, existence nascent

Planck time, with forces unified
Dark and dense, energy intertwined
universally constant
Travel through both whether or not conscious
Within the planck time uncertainty dominates
The core of your being, the unknown overtakes
strengen Herrn Stein
Wär' ich vielleicht am Max-Planck-Institut

Viele Wege führen nach Rom
Doch nur einer brachte mich her
Mal schwamm ich mit, mal gegen
A shot across the bough 
A moment so brief it would give Planck pause 
There's no point fighting now 
Everything's a mess could it be because 

longueur de Planck
La masse, le spin, la charge électrique et autres attributs intrinsèques
De la particule proviennent alors du mouvement
De la corde dans
Strings, and Plancks 
Arnold friend paving the path for you
Promises a great house view, with a pool
Do you take the deal or stay cool
Sell your soul or stay
"change is our only constant"
Constants alone can change the roots of how we think
You can ask Coulomb, Boltzmann and Planck
Small change kicks the circuit
Or am I thinking so fast that

Einstein and Planck
Need to light up a fat doob'
Revise all the math to
Account for the fact that
The speed that a lit
a bow on the top

Oh I can feel you close. About the Planck length away
Compactified dimensions won't get in our way
We're entangled now, weak-coupling, I
viendo la barrera donde acaba el infinito,
ahí, es ahí, donde esta mi sitio...
Justo un paso más, del muro de Planck,
tráete taladradora si quieres entrar,

A Simetria Perfeita
Nunca veio de uma explosão
Floresce do Vácuo Quântico (2x)

As descobertas de Planck
A existência de Atlantes
Literatura de

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Fortuna magnetica percorre quel nulla 
succede l'evento in un tempo di Planck 
la pressione sale un impero di gas 
protoni e
if their feet were in my shoes?
The likes of Newton, Faraday, von Heisenberg, and Planck? 

Please be strong, wave goodbye, and don't look down
dokonań kiedyś i zaś
Na skali historii czasu trwa krócej niż 1 Planck

Im więcej czytam tym mniejszą mam wolę życia
Im mocniej chwytam życie tym mniej chcę
yall niggas can't see me
Its iron in my blood that's created by the stars
Overstand the Planck Scale, then salute the true Tzar

Everything has unique
bitiriciliğim Ronaldo

Hey babe Müziğim çalar tapete
Değilim fame ama ehl-i keyfim
Bana ansiklopedi size beyblade
Kafamın içindeki kuantumu çözemez Max Planck

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