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you think I'm gonna let it show
Well, it's something we may never know
Placebo, placebo, placebo, placebo
Inside my self
Words will not tell (you took
and round
You find the Syndrome

When your ups lift you down
Your placebo is too weak
You're in the Syndrome 

You're in the Syndrome
With your empty containers
Another corpse ornaments your waiting room
Will you ever regret-the placebo effect
Can you ever forget-the placebo effect
vernacular. Deconstruct through alcohol, pacify with the liquid placebo. 
Flatline of the cranium, my only wish to destroy. You just met the last
A scabby Achilles tendon for your placebo pills, your last offer?
Okay buddy, you got yourself a deal.
Endorphins and dopamine calculated
Together we can climb
But it's alright, there's nothing there
Did you realize?

Yeah, my placebo will put you in Disneyland
We'll be in
blood spills
Sutured with commodities
Iron fist in silken glove ripping away autonomy
Replacing with a placebo
Realize that our wounds will never heal
Sanctified our blood spills, sutured with commodities. 
Iron fist in silken 
Glove ripping away autonomy, 
Replacing with a placebo. 
Realize that our
cola syringe
Diet cola syringe
Those Kellogg kids, those hairy pets.
That homogeneous shine, so pure.

Sister placebo is giving birth again
they've raised

I'm a rakehead

I've fallen out, fallen out of place
The engine's on, but no one's home
In the corner, of your mind wait
The placebo
Kneel, swear, finally bow. God is for suckers. Leave my needs alone.

No excuse for weakness. Blinded by the fiction placebo gave me.
No excuse for
Sanctified our blood spills, sutured with commodities. 
Iron fist in silken 
Glove ripping away autonomy, 
Replacing with a placebo. 
Realize that our
I close my eyes.
I said it three times, I said it three times,
You make my world spin, placebo feelings.
And in the morning I'll wait to see you
on you first
Placebo buttons maim all the tattle tails
When the dosage doesn't seem to work now
I’ll drop a dime on you first

You might just serve
Doubt and disbelief are the luxuries of the ignorant.
Placebo mockery intended to discredit. No longer
Has meaning. Drifting closer, taking shape,

Placebo for pain
And there’s no one for to blame
I refuse to accept
That my work is all in vain

Worry’s a bully
That just won’t let me be
the one
You've always claimed to miss
And of course you do
What difference does it make
Placebo charms a praise?
I know what's on my mind
Where else
Samie pomerante
Samie pomerazione
Degeo malevo

Emeo emojorne
Impe risime
You-ha imeio

Placebo delelonte
to quell
Placebo savior on your tongue
To calm the pain falsely gave into self-invented death
And as the chasm fills with ulcered blood and cements in
Paranoia is trend as life hangs in the balance of the weak-minded
Free prescription of placebo for us all
We only stand when it's safe to fall
Big business, it's all around
Big business, let's bring it down
Big business, the FDA
Big business, the placebo way

Big business, Nike shoes
quacks with cracked up egos 
(prescribing old placebos) 
Collecting junk that we dont need, no 
I see them now and then 
Still spitting out those lies
a placebo masquerading as a simile"
Well, I knew that pill was lying
Too gregarious, too nice
But as he walked I had to sing this twice

Lie still,
Every arsonist (arse that is) smoking
Every rule to be broken
When can I get some of those placebos
Truth hides from a winner's history
And when
of signal flares
That cover your beach

These are just placebos
To make us feel all right
Illusions in our pockets
Make our feathers float us high


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