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Go find your place of worship
Look into your pain and find your praise
Every low place in your life
Prepared you for your hard place
Every tear you
day in this beautiful place to worship
Your house is our home
Where our faces will shine in the light of the son

Our God reigns
Our God reigns
Our God
As we lift up our hands
Will you meet us here
As we call on your name
Will you meet us here
We have come to this place
to worship You
far to say
All my heart contains
I simply live, I simply live for You

As the glory of Your presence
Now fills this place
In worship, we will meet You
fail by far to say 
All my heart contains
I simply live,I simply for you

As the glory of your presence 
Now fills this place
In worship we will
your religious relics
We will burn down the places of worship
We will cut all your children's throats
And bury them under camel shit

The light surpassing, 
Without a place of worship, the sheep have been displaced, 
Go now your lord is dead...
And now this day
The things I've seen in this age 
My skies have changed, 
My skies have changed 
Find a place of worship and be still 
will arise. Prophecy: 'Dry bones, claim your life'.

This is the river of life, 
And it will flow from the place of worship. 
He is the giver of life
enriched with their Blood
To Burn your places of Worship
Our Gods shall become your Gods

All that lives on the vine is rotten
May your wines be foul
Let the scales of justice fall to the ground
Search for place to worship 
None found
Let the nation seal our fate
And seek to build their welfare
by death, I am inspired
Hoping for a place of worship to pardon all my sins
This is where your life will end, beyond begins

Become at one with
You and me, everything's so clear.
Now I am free, just You and me.
Don't care who sees, I don't care who hears,
Oh, how I love this place of worship
been nothing short of usually amusing. 
Let the magazines speak the gospel and sing loudly in the right places of worship. 
You wanna know where I
They came in this place of worship to see him
Poison gas
Or suicide
Bad sect
Now I know, now the reason why there's
The wind of change transformed the plains into the desert
And on the lower levels demons scream delight
Places of worship have ceased to serve
of a bush
Of a colon I’m screwed, saw more war than Warsaw Poland, viewed
An infant’s insides, outside of his body
Inside of a place of worship, ungodly
for You

Hold me in Your hands
Receive me as I am
And take, take me away
I wanna be in the Secret Place

Lord, I worship You

On the waves of Your mercy

Sunday--that's not fair, Mr. Zappa--Sunday night used to be a night in which Americans would get together. They'd go to their place of worship
to the white boy that ran in the old church
I hope you get slow murked, and they torture you slow first
Ran in our place of worship to slaughter our grandma
known only to the dour shamans who tended to the elder
place of worship. It is said that the tapestry of slaughter woven that day was
unparalleled in
on the church step
In the place where they worship
As the nurse crept I got mad nervous

Burn baby burn, burn baby burn
Burn baby burn, burn baby burn
As we call on your name
Will you meet us here?
We have come to this place
To worship you
God of mercy and grace

It is you
We adore
It is