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Right now!
Right here!
We stand alone!

Against pitiless indifference
We stand alone!

Forever confounded
By the burning margins
To get
A puzzle to the noble ones
Ignorant and pitiless they stride

The world around me -
Spartanic, minimalistic
A helpless excuse, a falling
the stars again
Or if pitiless fate denies me this
I will remain with you
In the company of death
Farewell sky
Farewell sun
Farewell earth
the Greek ideal
And gaze on what they'll never feel
Oh, the pitiless revenge of those without friends
The pitiless, the pitiless revenge

Art-hounds know
and pitiless
This I've been

I believe in this love
Stronger by your treachery
Coward and pitiless
This is who I used to be

I feel human
Can't this
Subliminal deceit

Blood, blood on your lips
Measure my faith
Come on to die with me
Blood, blood on your lips
You're falling down
Into a pitiless sleep
to their vanity
They are beneath my feet
Only now can they learn
As my boot kicks their heads

Pitiless Tormenting
Resolve never wavering
The plague burns on and on
It's pitiless, it's vivid in the sky (in the sky)
The sun glows out and on
It's merciless, even when you're up this high
Cadaver pouch plastic cortege
In death their is no honour
The pitiless seduction of the gullible

Intolerable cruelty
The ecstasy of enmity

the sunshine the sun is mine"
Pitiless wanderer
Close your eyes and bow your head
Grotesque thoughts in a line
Threw my wings into the blazing sun
forgive her anything 
If you look like you, my pretty miss 
I wonder where you are tonight 
And this place becomes pitiless? 
Oh, I couldn't sleep, but
above that wheel
But a motorcyclist, no matter how good
Is slave to the oncoming truck
And the poison of her father was her most pitiless luck
Troubling my eyes

Shaped like a lion
It has the head of a man
With a gaze as blank
And pitiless as the sun
And it's moving its slow thighs

When you're rockin' down
On a cold hard night
Pitiless eyes of the cityless souls
Narrow in the lights

Sorrow upon sorrow
Go ganging up in
of me when I'm gone?
Shielding my eyes from the pitiless light of the glare
Should you care?

When in this world is it enough?
I never thought it could be
the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?
gleam in the sun
We've got no place to turn
Murderous knights, resolute besiegers
Fortified castle, proud defenders
Terrible fights, pitiless invaders
no more
Hooded like a hawk pitiless and poor

Hazel, Hazel, Hazel tears
Nobody loves you, nobody cares
of War!

Women all, hear the call
The pitiless call of War!
Look your last on your dearest ones,
Brothers and husbands, fathers, sons:
Swift they go
I am no ones property
In no others do I trust
For there is no true love
Only varying degrees of lust

Coronary deceased
Pitiless piety
do I speak
Beneath that hard and pitiless peak
Of concrete, steel and antennae wheels
The tower
I see red
I see a tower against the sky
Beneath a red
I should have drown in the flood with the rest
I had the chance
The current was pitiless
And proof of man was wiped from the face of earth
of War!

Women all, hear the call
The pitiless call of War!
Look your last on your dearest ones,
Brothers and husbands, fathers, sons:
Swift they go
Gathered and driven under their command
They lived in fear for their judgement
Penal servitude, pitiless manhandle
All taken under medical

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