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righteous not piteous
Flash upon our lighters

This one's for the haters this one goes for the haters
We ghetto creators we ghetto creators
And we nah give
I hear your piteous shrieking
In this land of death
And boils and bees and RPG's
And piles of prisoners masturbated on
Now you are on fire
Behold a silly tender babe,
        In freezing winter night
In homely manger trembling lies 
        Alas a piteous sight!
The inns are full no man
hands unclean
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
a piteous thing, a hideous thing
Was tainted by the rest

But it won't get any harder
And I hope you'll find your way again
And it won't get any higher
hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.
Whose misadvantured piteous overthrows,
Lecherous inhuman monsters
Piteous crimes carried out
Patriarchs to the lunatic fringe
They venerate what has been done
They turned a small town
All that I touch seems to break in my hands
Then it just bursts into flames
The piteous pleadings as innocents die
Only an odor reamains

So burn
olive oils 

Company Flow fuck please 

Bitch put away the fucking piteous punchlines 

Blue Blockers break under the red light, belittled by my
Wait understand the offer I am making
Always your loathsome voice in my mind
Always that incessant clamor
That piteous cry for my attention
How will
And I won’t be so damn piteous
You guys are crazy insidious
I might just stay so luxurious
But I’m the one who’s notorious
Should I start being
that, I'm just curious
You fucking cunt
You're just piteous

You've been back-stabbed by your brothers
That's why I don't trust the others
Even though
that I lacked
'Cous my heart long ago was blacked.

It is the calm, the solemn thing,
When no more piteous mourners' cries
On the cold place where dead
How piteous can this child be?
To ask for solace from agony
Not to the Buddha does he beseech
Yet to I, within the same tree

I offer you a chance
gleam, distant scream
Vision of a shrieking fiend

Hearts not piteous
Waxed wings of Icarus
Torn from me, shorn from me
Destroying my ability
To grasp
glorious and righteous
But dark and corrupt
A piteous cry
Spews from the depths
Bereft of force and twisted
Twisted by decay

Remember me
Remember all I was
for herself, could she be well someday. Deserves every wicked gaze
Expressionless and never changing
World drained of life, deluged in spite
So piteous
well-debated on which is the greatest song
Heavy weighted, put the kettle on til I'm dead & gone
Slaughter the piteous, death is upon you it is so insidious
The waves flow slower...
We’ll slay the captain...
The wheels keep spinning...
We’re turning backwards
Losing traction over interests in a piteous fashion
archaic sorcery
We conjure Thy Infernal
Souls about to be condemned...

We appeal to the dead fervently
In search for their mystic lore
Piteous replies
research and you'll see it's true

The moral of this story don't be piteous
Go out and get yourself some furious kitteous

That's Latin for cat
Make some
Immoral losers who are piteous and feeble
But content to stay this way 

Truth is we've all got war inside
Whether we live it or make it an effort
relate, the piteous consequence my mistake,
Fallin slave to passin desire, 
Makin' the dreaded Love me or Die.

Against a Jungle primeval green,
She had
the dress came in and said,
"I can't believe it, but this one wins the one for the most piteous."
I said, "You've got a wide brimmed melon hat, nothing

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