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cross to fit your ways
We are a species beaten by ignorance
Misguided fools lost in a shell
An open eye soon extinguished
the blind lead the blind
ov hell
Deflowered by the horns

And so I reversed the wheel ov my fortune
Strike blind the eye ov the lion
With every breath stolen from their
Of Angels in the Sky The Devils will rise
And kill the pious On this Angelhunt
Cherub beings preach peace with a dove
Calumet of war a sky with no love
Steel eyes stare back at you
Held by his gaze he's healed you
Gripped by terror for now you see
The talisman shall hold the key

The blind
Untouched by grace
Fallen are the messengers
Hymns of the profane
Unheard by the pious
Revere the inverted hypocrite
As we breed to the sound
joyful and towering in their glory

There I see two pious and innocent youths snatched suddenly
From amidst their host by flying Devils and carried to Hell
I was born out my momma ass,
Well, I'm as blind as can be,
I brought my first shotgun,
By the age of three,
Said, Fine whiskey and women, oh,
an impossible climate
Boxed in confinement democracy hostage
Bound for the towers monsters in the cockpit

Following blind unconscious accomplice
Judged by
gotta start grooving
Gotta start breaking away
'cause they're leading you too far into the future
When you're living here today
2, 3, 4
Blind (Yeah) Blind
The blind man stood by the road and he cried (x3)
He cried oh, oh, oh

The woman stood by the well and she cried (x3)
She cried oh, oh, oh
She was just 17,
Pious and pretty with a deadly disease,
And the weight of the world on her prosthetic shoulder,
And by the summer of '96,
where they should to the title of your highness
Only tribe surviving is the pious
United by the mighty human life tie that bind us

Hunger find

Synthesized fictitious
Dreamed up by remote prototypes
Opiate for the yearning mass
Administered applied
Three letter word for monster
A smile that would frighten the blind 
The incubus freezes the mind 
Fooled by his charm 
Right off the farm 
Sound might be duende's alarm
When a cloudy morning rain touched our little town
Three small sisters and a friend walking in the fields
A strange light in the sky blotting out
But after all
By definition of the word
Love is blind
Love is good

It woke at dawn
Still you were gone
You didn't phone
Are you alone?
Am I
grabbed him by the throat until he called on me
'Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three

Now I don't want what Jay's got on the table
a sign hung up above your door
'No visitors allowed in rooms, By law!'

Everybody's halo shines [Repeat: x3]
In God's Hotel.
Everybody's halo lookin'
Where have you been?

Do you know it makes you
Feel real good


Wired (wired) (Repeat three times)

Lock my door
Close my blinds
Been so many little ways you let me know
He's still on your mind
All along I've been aware that you still care about him
I'm not blind

When I was a boy about the age of ten
Got some old records by the blues men
Found a big connection to my lonely life
I couldn't wait to learn some
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, oh

I kinda feel like time is passing us by
But it's killing me to leave you 'lone
Cry all day long
to five in a blind alley
Equals three sheets to the wind
Can't remember when it started
Don't know where that it ends

And there's never a dull day
He's a blind man, crouching by the pavement
only seeing with his third eye
and clutching at the astral shadow
of every passer-by

He's a wise
He's a blind man, crouching by the pavement,
only seeing with his third eye,
and clutching at the astral shadow
of every passer-by.