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Falls like confetti on the cavalcade
The flash-boat sea
No longer is
Reflecting in you

Seven on me
Seven on a left hand
Seven on me
Seven on me
Whose broken wings will spread 
To softly feel your mood 
Over the blue sky full of you 
Pink love, pink love, pink love 
Just like a fairytale 

the front yard
Picture window with a view of Wal-Mart
Blue collar heaven domestic bliss
It just doesn't get any better than this
We got pink flamingos,
Now everything that's there is painted sky-blue pink
From the tallest chimney to the wash-room sink
Pink City is the name of the town
Folks they come
Talk about the past
Then everyone is a star
Talk about the future
Come back close in the snow

Pink sky blue trail
V.C. tensing

I got paper cuts in my teeth now

I'm seeing pink cause I've been looking at the brightside
I ain't letting nobody cloud up all my blue sky
Blue skies, blue skies
Smiling at me now, how now
Nothing but blue skies do I see
Spring is here, Spring is here, 
Bluebirds, nothing but
Write down the words as written 
And never disturb the presence 
Of resurrection crutch 

And it's about time 
It's about drawing near 
Blue skies
And the pink light that bathes the great leaders is fading
By the time your sun is rising there
Out here it's turning blue
The silver rockets
the grass is green
Look how the sky is blue
We can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow, surely you can too

Listen with your eyes, listen with your eyes
There she goes under blue skies she swirls by
There you go on the blue side she's on your side
I know the low is moving
And there you go under blue
Way up in the sky, not a cloud is flyin' by 
A picture perfect afternoon 
Birds upon the wing, I can hear them sing 
Chirping out a happy tune
beheld its innocent smile
She said 3If you want to have fun,
It will take you to heaven for awhile
An inch from the blue skies ceiling

I was touched
Love is blue skies and white clouds touching the valleys of green
And love is walking in the sunshine in my oldest faded jeans
Love is a pink
catches the wind in the deep blue sky
Here he comes the boy who tried to vanish to another time
Is no longer here with his sad blue eyes

Here he comes
Bring on the blue sky
Bring on blue sky
Bring on the blue sky
Bring on blue sky

You can fly in your dreams
Floating by the black and white scenery
Blue is my heart blue as the sky
Memories of you they're making me cry
Longing for you in days all gone by
Blue is my heart blue as the sky
and looked towards the sky
Laughed until the morning came, just me, my friend and I
Teacher seems to pass us by and only is it then
We can stop and listen
A thin blue line is a river on a map
or a Coltrane chord held high with a 7th flat
but the sky around the earth?
Imagine that, a thin blue line
Everything is new
When the sky is blue
You got everything to do

Chesney quit the army and he started a band
He used to play that club down
now I just can't go on.G7 F see D7 C7Standing close by my side is our own little pride, he misses your lullaby tune,see E7 F see G7 CAnd his big dark
But if the summer's wasted
How come that I could feel so free
I spent the summer wasting
The sky was blue beyond compare
A photograph of myself
But if the summer's wasted
How come that I could feel so free
I spent the summer wasting
The sky was blue beyond compare
A photograph of myself
a blue sky. I wear blue jeans and fly my blue kite. It hangs like a bluebird until the wind dies and then the tears pour out of my blue eyes. If it is your
Evening shadows make me blue
When each weary day is through
How I long to be with you, my happiness

Every day I reminisce
Dreaming of your