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This is Zion
This is Zion
Yeah this is Zion
All my life I've been tryna break free
Knock the walls down that surround me
Up and away with my pineal g
Open your mind and pineal G
Mind and pineal G
Open your mind and pineal G
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
All I need, is all I see
In my dreams is you and me
You can lucid
You can expand and explore
Or you can listen
To those who said before

It's in the Pineal
If you wanna know

And the birds are here
But always realize
Yes, it's 'bout the plus but still got the minus
Right now, I in my pineal gland
Killa, the spiritual one
The imperial man
need them bitches

Make him laugh like nitrous oxide 
Open his pineal gland, no fluoride
Got him polished up, no silver sulfide
Dick put him to sleep,
nigga hand me your wallet 

Nigga we got more sticks than gogo band
Shoot a nigga right in the pineal gland (Gland)
Put the heat on a nigga give that boy
pineal gland
Come on and get some
I’m fucking your pineal gland
Come on and get some
I’m fucking your pineal gland
Come on and get some
I’m fucking your
Heated verses
Lucy cursed it
Please rehearse it
No rework it
Dreams of being
Seen in person
Diamonds gleaming
Pineal open
Beast awoken
Shout it out
vine pa cambiar al personal,
pineal, vine para hacerte despertar,
solo vine pa cambiar tu realidad
lineal, esto es música pa liberar
Solo vine pa cambiar
Mística  consinta as ondas Cerebrais

Despertar a Pineal, visão de ""Parafal"" 

mãos ao alto o microfone é minha arma (hey)

Mente Aberta garantia pessoal
I’m unkillable, fear my cynical
Lyrical, third eye pineal, visual
Lucid, make man think I’m a miracle
All money is digital
Frio como um iceberg
Minha mente é um vvs
Linda tem um gps
Do nada ela aparece

Frio como um iceberg
Pineal é um vvs
Linda tem um gps
De repente ela
O olho azul que cobre a terra dos oceanos do mar a dentro
O céu e o mar da imensidão que chega na vida dos afluentes

Glândula pineal é a glândula
heart mind and soul then you flowing free
Drip drip drip drip drip, like acid raindrops
Until your telepathical unique pineal brain pops
Drip drip drip
I don't believe in miracles the aboriginal tap into the pineal
Just the paint the proper visual
We can take it to Timbuktu or ancient Kemet
Master play, pineal game
Easy plan, happy in the end
Master play, pineal game
Easy plan, happy in the end
La cosa es fica densa germà
Preguntes qui soc?
the shadows
Yea we up late night
Ducking in the shadows
Rollin through the valley
Trying to spread the truth
And get that fucking Rollie
Ay ay ay ay

the glory push it up
Wanna be the best gotta be Mega Man
Gotta trust Hova's plan
Gotta rep Cross Brand
Gotta take a stand
Jesus be the right hand
Pineal Gland
always has a place
Like Holy Dagger and its case

Open eyes and step on a land, where is in my pineal gland
Elder Broto come and ask me to walk around
Vejo com mais um olho que tu, paranormal, a pineal,
glândula fundamental, descoberta pela ciência,
é uma central de comunicações,
telecomunico mensagens
Lately I been walking wimma pineal closed
Walking through the valley of my death just like a ghost 
Don't think i can grow,dead rose
Rose dead rose
el ritual abro tu pineal empezó el final
anda suelto el animal,
enfermos de poder no tienen llenadera no respetan raza ni bandera 
controla tu culo que
Sente a comunicação


Da Pineal ao Calcanhar
Da coroa (2x)
Ao dedão do pé
Vou te falarO Hip-Hop Ragga sabe qual é
Vai te afetar
chakras aligned

Half lotus, ain't ya notice that this nigga focused on the
Present moment, Pineal Peasant
Come and get your blessings corrected, I reckon

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