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untouched eyelids unlock in a pineal gland trance of blasphemy
My cerebral matter synthesizes a sharpened warmth forming a kaleidoscopic ecstasy
A fond
bodies only come from way down south
I got a feelin' in my pineal
Its the end of Christianity
Its the end of Christianity
Its the end of Christianity
Defying space and time
Says the pineal gland of mine
Given to dreaming witches' lie
It's sweet to close your weary eyes
Given to pentacles and more
amongst us
Serving luminiferous
Black the pranas breathless
Serving luminiferous
Block the pineal essence
Seeing luminiferous
Hammer, anvil, judge
the pineal gland
The sixth chakra, the seventh seal
Enveloping pelicans pecking at the crumbs
Of enlightenment
Retrograde planets plunging into the arms
to control my thought
Like when I was young
But the mind won't let it

It's developed immunity
I've got a chemical imbalance
No pineal gland
Exprimo mi cerebro, mi glándula pineal 
Que se quede tranquilo, que deje de pensar 
Si todo es un gran ruido, no hay cómo descansar 
Un ruido
want it

There's nothing like the sound of screaming, looping up all in my mind
Horrid pictures of the past invading my pineal high
I am just
minds, by passing the pineal gland
The pineal gland is like a 3rd eye
Not the pituitary gland

It is shaped like an eye, visica piscis
All other
little time
Something insid my mind
Extending my pineal gland
No, is it inside my brain
Or am I going insane
Experiment is out of hand
Inside the field
the rest of my life over

They won't know the difference
Between two grown men's vas deferens
Open up my pineal gland
Serotonin transplant, happy
out through pineal cable

Sand trap, the only path is still under construction
Same vein but different textures
An infinite selection

I'm finna
to the modern day mind
Even if you hear this a thousand times
Because of this many have died
Your inner light will not shine if your Pineal gland is calcified
out of my pin-eal
Gland, as I expand, you know who I am

Father of all stylin, I be whylin on wax
We hack shit up like big ax and little ax
Don't need
penalty buries me
under the canopy channeling anarchy
family vanishing

sundial piledriver pine needle
my pineal gland reaches a pleidian apex
for thought, a little salt in the cone
On the pineal, life is bitter sweet, that's so perennial
We gotta move on from the ignorance, if I'm resilient
weight, I used to wanna play for the NBA
Fuck I'm doing talking 'bout pineal gland
Ancient ways of Sumerians, ain't nothing wrong with a righteous man
Pineal gland is swollen
Astral Planes I'm floatin', Goddammit, I'm free
I be GOD, please you are not in my league
Got the spirit of asata honor I be gavel
feel with your gut, speak with your mind
And look at life through your pineal gland
It's in the spiritual, it's different from the physical
And not
and my gun go bang
My gun go bang!

I'm a apex predator, pineal gland in forefront
On your third eye, graduated to my fourth one
You cross us in
Is it real?
Is it fake?
I woke up, suddenly I just woke up

Look, yo, it only makes sixth sense
They sleep on the creator of Pineal Gland

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