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All of sudden I’m feeling down
The distance we have is spinning me round
I’m pinching myself come wake me up now love
All of sudden I’m feeling down
I started pinching pennies
Now I'm living off a dream...
This is all me
I was starving In the streets
But I started pinching pennies
Now I'm living
(On gawd you are, I swear)
(On gawd you are)
Pullup with the ceiling missing
Young nigga gotta get, gotta go
I cannot be penny-pinching
Gotta get
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Hey bop bop, aye
Ain't talk to your bitch it been a minute
And I might go up up away
N**** stop penny pinching
And these
Sometimes I wonder what got into me
I can't be dreaming ain't nobody pinching me
If I die tonight just let me be
World on my shoulders fuck it
ready to go
'Cause I was down, now, I've flown
Oh, what's reality lately?

Remember dreams seemed far away
Was pinching pennies like Lane
with my sounds
I ain’t with the penny pinching, I like blowing large amounts
Feeling like Young Boosie, watch'em tryn wipe me down
Fuck on that ho 1
Dollar and a dream
Pinching pennies is a nightmare
But here's my two cents
Freddy Kruger doesn't fight fair
Gotta stay woke
If you sleeping then you
all that stressing
Cause I done learned the art of turning loses into lessons

Now we winning
Time is money homie
Why I'm out here pinching every penny
dey feelings
Ain't worried bout hoes
I get to da chicken
You can't understand
If you penny pinching
Can't stop chasing paper
Cause I need a milli
By any
Went from penny pinching
To fucking on dimes
All these years of hell
Got us all on demon time
I could never back down
Now I'm back 'round winning
I do it
Hit the scene that’s plenty pictures
Know a nigga fucked plenty bitches
Boss nigga got plenty business
Hating niggas be penny pinching
Less is more
you've just been there
Repercussions on the plain, discourse induced from an animal spayed

Feel the pinching of piano wire as it tickles your hair
niggas be hating on me, I made it off welfare
Better stop trippin', StickBaby, he flip it, and leave 'em death
At Jeffery's, I spend it, no pinching
I came up broke
That shit a joke
That shit that had me penny pinching just to smoke
I came up low
Right off the floor
That shit that had me kitchen
Every day I gotta 
Go and get it 

You better take them chances what ya scared of
I know them niggas really penny pinching 

Told them pussy niggas
I'm trying so hard to fight my tears
Calling your name you can not hear
Pinching my self this can't be real
Tell me how do my heart suppose to heal
Aint penny pinching on no dollar I need all of it
I'm making sure me and my brothers never starve for shit
Boomba clat pussy boy bet not play round
There's snakes in the grass
Watch out for the snakes 

There's snakes in the grass
They stealing your grapes 
Pinching your fruit
Then smile in your
They're talking at me 
I hear what they said
Chalky lips on a wound up head
Eye contact with laser eyes
Break beats keep the kids alive 

We're pinching
I don't need no love, I feel I'm better off without that
Tired of penny pinching, buckled down and now I count checks
You gone die or go to jail, it
Penny pinching
Pocket empty
Ren and Stimpy
Oh Joy
Every time I pay the ticket
You a pussy nigga
And I hate the way you look
With yo overly large
just like yesterday
Same job same freeways
So sick of penny pinching
I'm seeking I see a vision
God is with me let me explain

I've been feelin feelings
And bitches penny pinching they running up that ass
And I can't give these hoes time
That nigga there so slime

I done lost a lot of slimes, 4 nem got a lot

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