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Now that word means a whole lot to me
Now what I mean by that, it's simple as this
You gotta open up your head
Matter of fact, open up your mind
And let
off of the speed at which life progressed
From meetin' Trey in Atlanta to doin' a cameo in his video 
Which made everything right with X (Songz)
Uno is for the money, deuce is for the show
Trey is for the video, what the fuck is fo'?
Fo' is for the hoes, and 5 to stay alive
That shoulda
Bein' swallowed by them city lights
Ball till I'm benched then I put it on the pimp f&f u-p ugk fo' life

and leave her
Oakland hustler, never been a busta
Make way for the nine-trey, I'm coming motherfucka
Straight from the 6-9, the final line village