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looked up at the sunset
All we ever wanted at the time
Was to slowly drift away into the sun
And let the pillowed clouds sweep us away in due time

All I
Freaks collecting stained-glass rubies
Pillowed gently on a strand
Bearing looks of frenzied blankness
Slowing down their B.B. King

even this shall pass away ?"

The most beautiful woman ever seen was the bride he chose his queen
Pillowed on their royal bed, whispering to her soul he
And for your silky pillowed house a head, wisdom
And a bed
Troubled decree resident mockery has claimed thee

We used to believe in the good old days
I've dreamed about this
Sixteen days away.
Now you're here
And my head lays
Beside your body,
Pillowed under mine.
You were poison, 
pillowed you so many times this week,
Close eyes, open, close again, forget and fall asleep.
The dark seeks dark,
The dark seeks dark,
your head and empty, useless, tomb,
Here you live,alive, undead,inside your pillowed room!

How they writhe in pain,
Padded room of doom,
If only I could get a loan, wanna see views from a pent
Lay on pillowed mattress, stare at ceiling, and vent
I feel that on this ground I'm leveled
on coffee on every morning
And every morning always forewarning
You've got no mourning
Your senses got soaring

Tears pillowed and you sorrow
Clean your face
Down by the riverside, we'll walk
Hold his hand
And he'll hold your hand now
Woah now! Dancing rays on the lakes
Pillowed bed, lay your head, it's your
What my eyes can see all around 
Is a world of sleepers
We're all sleeping in the beds of ideology
Pillowed be these mazes, can't you see
And so it was that we shared our lives
In parlor and pillowed boudoir
Still you dreamt of marriage
A prospect impossible
Because of the code noir
Oh Julie,
only want us to stay
Caught underneath, for the day

Like a stone on the river bed
Laid on the ground
With moss for my pillowed head
And leaves for my
Holding thoughts
In pillowed thighs

In between words
In between sighs
Holding thoughts
No longer mine

You weren't mine, couldn't lose you
so much
A pillowed face, a lack of space, no lying
I like the rain
There's not a lot

I'll come back around
I'll come back around
I'll come back around
Far in to space left alone at, never thought to breathe awhile now
All this time saw a double of me
Pillowed by the anger, seen by the sun in time
She wants sunday every morning
To lay upon her pillowed bed
Can't even say a thing
When the sun will bring pain

She's always tripped up inside her
the silhouettes
Counting them sheep laying in my pillowed bed
But there's a beast that creeps and it's dark and filled with death
Got these lions in my dreams that
Pillowed streams for sun-streaked sentinels
The texture of milk
That cool a thousand grass blade-evenings
Where Finn's swift horses seek water
still gave it wen you told me no 
Or wen you pillowed talked just for sum pussy from a groupie hoe 
You made me uncomfortable, I feel like you gon snake
Of great wings, and the thoughts that hung the stars,
High pillowed on calm pillows of God’s making
Above these clouds, these rains, these sleets of lead,
Let your bundled body fall back into the pillowed snow 
Let the flakes cover your blinking eyes 
Stretch your arms and legs like stars and swish em
Where do you find love
I crossed through the distance
of the silence of my heart (where do I find love)
Where do you find love
In passion pillowed
own potential
That lies in bed with dread
Sinking heavy into our promised days
But we’re just not quite there yet
Pillowed by ideas of who we could be -

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