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an insect martyr
Under pink light incubation 

And postcard amnesia 
And fantastic pigmentation
Pathetic little sheep children 
Following the heard
to find the groove despite my sole lack of pigmentation
They took a little white boy with shiny shoes
And they anointed me with salsa and rhythm
the pigmentation of a corpse

Amortize with the whore of Babylon at your side
Sicarii - Nakba or Shoah
Tell me when exactly did your humanity die?
pigmentations of dreams
And my feather will
Delineate any new empire
The fields of hope are painted
By the tears
They always show the garden
Of the seers
or know,
Pre-embalming purge, and rotting pigmentation,
extra firming fluids, and hardening compounds,
nasal aspiration.
every membrane, lick it clean,
oh how I love to sheen
Till I can see my reflection in its sanguinous,
crimson pigmentation
Perfumed reticulocytic
Sweet penance for a sound - it might explode in our hands

I'm falling in a brown pigmentation of
Where the element marked cut short, turned in
shit on spit at
Get gone get back (gone Smoke) get away
Havin a dark pigmentation was hard then to make friends
Felt like God didn't take his time with
The rap chemist in the lab to the finish
The mic is my apprentice, cause I can't stand 
courts or tennis, my pigmentation is the menace
Courts or tennis, my pigmentation is the menace
That's why the system's always tryin to pursue with a blemish
Pale asses, think a nigga in this
and tribulations
Difference in pigmentation, religious affiliation
Political party biases 
Really were all the same beneath the surface
And nobody is perfect,
precise pisces, puff, puff, pass
Pigmentation police, prowlers prowling patrol
Politicians plain pig plotted proposals proposed
Politics prepare
about who's really real and who's the illusion
Is this thing based on skin pigmentation?
Is God just a figment of imagination
'cause we can't trace

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