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Markie because I'm jokin'
And also, remember this slogan
"Hey, ma, what's for dinner?
Go up your nose and pick a winner"

Pickin' boogers
think he's ready to get, I-ah-I
I-I just think he's read', I think I'm ready to get hype

I'm the diabolical, Biz Markie
From "Pickin' Boogers
[Biz Markie]
Yo this is funky!
We gon' get down to the point
And I'm just gonna say - I'd like to thank my man Rashad
But we gon' get down
Before Sweet T was Suga, before ??? Jack Soopafly snooka
Back when Biz Markie was busy pickin boogers
Super Lover Cee, L-why-t-e, Chill Rob G