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And now
The sound of photography from

Ladies and gentlemen, without no doubt
The sound of photography from
Brass and woodwinds by Richard Mariott
Package design by PornoGraphics
Cover photography by Henrik Kam
In with spaces, out with cartography. 
We may see the change today. 
We will run the videos and photography just to prove the things that you may
Is that what you always wanted to be, 
Well I'd be worried for you. 

Gotta try, 
Run and hide, 
Get away from this. 
I'll get
I even give into the sin
Would you know what shape I'm in

And it's all been luck until now
Caught in the race of up to down
Photography mixed in
or is it trick photography?

And the stars glitter off your walls
And your stars never fade at all

Your daughters are there, full of tenderness
always on my mind

This photography, I'll carry to my grave
I never lost so much as I did that day

I miss you
Fire sign, indicate luminous pornography
Heliograph and morse photography
Signal ad, signal ad, signal ad
Commerciality, commerciality,
as you are concerned" 

"On set, the director of photography is in charge of the entire production."
"Just do whatever you have to do, from
And the unloved and placeless dwell
Grins and poses
Every photo of the living funeral photography
It won't be me
We (?) the living
One chance to do what you must
focus eroticism, art photography
Mr. David Hamilton and me

Mr. David Hamilton is photographing me
Like a pervert teacher with his languid creature
need photography
She was raised in poverty
Now why did you change your name?

Angela, is it true that what they say, you made the grade?
Angela, I
suppose the singer must die

Singsong 'round the money tree
This stunning documentary
That no one else unfortunately saw
Such beautiful photography
Rabbit goes around the hole and through
They come undone still do

Scrapbooks filled with memories
Of yellowed bad photography

Extracted my
thought it would be fun to try photography
She thought it would be fun to try pornography
She thought it would be fun to try most anything
She was tired
to the big leagues thrill seeker with a video cam in hand
I'll be damned if miss a shot of the century on the count
If I was up there with video photography
trick photography
It seems like you're really, you're really, 
It feels like you're really here.


As I'm grilled by a spotlight
I'll sing
tears roll down

Some people in love
But all they got's a photography
How can they get it
Too scared
To open their mouth
To ask

I said
tears roll down

Some people in love
But all they got's a photography
How can they get it
Too scared
To open their mouth
To ask

I said

Remember me when you clinch your movie deal
And think of me stuck in my chair that has four wheels
Remember me through flash photography
of other sides we knew
In the photography section
The stopped paths will fix from a developer's view

And once we saw the end is coming through
It was
photography and screams
Remember me, special dreams

Just 19 this sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavor
Just 19 and dream obscene with six
mother fucker?
What do you take me for,
When I'm a sheperd's light,
When I'm a quantum leap?
You don't want freedom;
You want trick photography.
painting, sculpture,
E, music and literature, photography. these are known as the arts. and art will break your heart. so what? so will a good meal. art is

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