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and black
Blooms of phosphorescence cover my throat and back

A bloom of phosphorescence ignites around my form
Like chalk around a body like light inside
you'll look at the stars
And remember the nights we made ours
Hanging out in Ben's garage
Swimming naked at 2 AM
In a lake full of phosphorescence
you’re trying
But I’m a mess of tangled wires and frayed ends
Drench me in phosphorescence
Address me the magpie, your bitter Hyde
Wrapped in your
the phosphorescence hum a tune
Lullabies to get you through, those coricidin bottle blues

Whippoorwills perch on her breast, smiling through the cocaine sweats
Says we
false phosphorescence
My dreams stay where they are
I don't know where to start
Alone and lost and guessing
Revealed by an open heart

Modern life
like me
Then it is like us
And it is broken and waylaid and perfect
If it’s in prairies
And phosphorescence
If it’s in treetops and grasslands
Come inside to leave the gray
Leave the winter far away
Light reflecting warmth inside
Phosphorescence that can't hide
When the sun goes down
looking for your home
It's your last skip across the universe
It's your giant splash, glowing your phosphorescence

Oh sunrise, where do you get all your
The rays of your stolen phosphorescence
Allowed for me to rebuke myself
You're a perfect fit
You coat me so well

Endless dwelling on gambits
While she passed, her torches burning 
Shards of light and phosphorescence
All our borders twisted wires
Opened up to watch her passing 

Lady Lucy, light
That fading phosphorescence
That embalms the mind
Numbing it from acceptance
Acid rain into open eyes
Everything that feels so real
Feels like it's
of this existence,
The reflection within ourselves
I am above
I am below
I am within
I am without
I am infinite
I know the cold wrap
Cause you got just what I need, what a blessing
Hella dark now bitch I bleed phosphorescence
You the one that got me glowing got me showing
All my
Ne pas trop se couvrir
Laisser le froid venir
Les yeux écarquillés
Tout s'est éparpillé
Dans des phosphorescences
La blancheur du silence
wake up and hear it's still nobody soundin' like me
Glowed up when I showed up phosphorescence on my white tee
Used to yell free Gucci, now I'm yellin'
phosphorescence that 
Grew and grew and 
At last!
Over the rim of the waiting earth 
The moon lifted with 
Slow majesty 
Till it swung clear of the horizon
Come watch if you're willin
They must just be chillin

Suprise the night, the moon waxes crescents
Awake to shouts, Dolphin phosphorescence!
the phosphorescence glitter
You are forming a bond

You have a cup of coffee
Share a chocolate bar
The air is so quiet 
And clear as the northern star

And as the sun
the inverse
zenith of desolation. ...

II. Dying Embers of the Final Twilight

The worms mutated as the dead phosphorescence dimmed,
morphing into grotesque
While she passed, her torches burning 
Shards of light and phosphorescence
All our borders twisted wires
Opened up to watch her passing 

Lady Lucy, light
with the shrimp and brine
And on my cheeks and hair
The salt will always shine
And with this phosphorescence map
A sailor's chart, a mermaid's hand
We were conduits of love
Live like phosphorescence
Half asleep and self-indulged
We've lost our essence

Can't you see?
We fell rain black from
Scraping the earth in search of the essence
Metallic rock ore where iron is present
Extraction smelters burn hot with phosphorescence

oh, darkness filled the sky as pools of water filled your eyes

they sparkled like phosphorescence in the bay

although our lips barely touched

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