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That I acquired droppin' links I made for phishing in places
Bitch I'm on a tangent now
My spidey senses say I'm bout to put a classic out
Mad account
distant keep ya distance
My niggas scamming my niggas phishing
I could bless you but I am not christian
Let em arrest you these piggies killing
Got the heat
I done stood out on the block
12 O'clock still phishing
I done broke up bricks with baking soda in the kitchen
I done lost my religion
Done spent
you love me
If I let you take me for a ride

Are you phishing for someone like me
Or are you simply casting out the widest net
Roping in some boomers
Dm's tryna give us more attention
Phishing for the wrong reason catching fishes like it's pof
Not once do we see ourselves to be so difficult
Broken down
a prison to the system they just phishing for the funding
 I just pivot till my digits in the bank Tim Duncan

I need lemon wedges in my cup with ice
I need
The world feels off
Fuck it I'm really on mine
I can't let these ballers throw me off
That was offsides
Scamming in this game caught em phishing
Make her climax 
Kissing make her listen
Pay attention to my climax 
Niggas think they pimping
Til' kissing come realign that 
Everybody phishing 
a drought
They leaking the music for clout tho
I'm taking the bugs out the house now they phishing my email accounts
They need the money and clout
You took
cuz these n****s be switchin
Informing the ops yea you know that they phishing
Wet em up quick now he swimming with fishes
Don’t interfere when it come
pode crer que eu parto
e não bote esse chip
não vale meu streaming
seja um bom hacker primo
que eu to phishing
pescando no encontro das águas
Call me a nerd I don't hacked me a system
Assisting the best got my back all perspiring 
Existing to press and surpass my old sires
the bridges 
Hoping they align, mind the paralleled vision 
They'll prolly call this phishing while I'm dishing a beating 
With a side so cold, make them throw
만나고 싶다면 어서 덤벼봐
허세 벌레들 벌거 벗겨 대낮에 교수형
내 설치미술 보고 Damien Hirst's like WTF
Voice phishing bitches와 동급 새끼들의 번식력
벽 뜯어 보면 호구잡힌 애들 넘치고
난 거기 대고 화염방사하지
그리고 먹여
전화를 건 다음
돈 내놔 마치  V Phishing 더 고파
난 나가 차 문 발로 차 ya ya
신경 따위 쓰기 싫어 너네 오빠 yeah 
아마도 죽이는 애 아무도 출입 못해

암호는 정해놨네 벌어 놓은 차인 어때 yeah 
i say payday day day oh no
Ditch it
Yeah no for sure in a minute

I can't get offline
Cause I got cyber-vision

I been stuck inside
On a mission

I can
an 's', and cerver with a c
I was phishing with AIM, switching up the game
An app that would interface with AOL and AIM
Clearing out the rooms eating
stole, you stole
Oh yeah, you stole, my digital soul

Fully conned, with phishing lines, and postal fines, those dirty swines
It was a trap, a planned
Phishing from its cracks
Bittrex gets pumped and dumped like dumb skanks 
And Banks will buy headlines to see that the market
Tanks, the IRS is coming
rede e vi coisas qu arrependo-me
Lista de contatos: vi ninguém online
Procurei um chat qualquer/momento do ""phishing""
Ligo minha webcam procurando
But still you may get caught on phishing

Still you hear a lot of words 'bout races
Mankind running inclusiveness races
Claim ones racist, too
the spam
Every phishing scam
Trying to steal our dime

Bombarded by the news
Headlines to choose
It all just annoys

Constant corporate wars
From open space
Talking codswallop the extinction of scallops
Phishing scams wallets and the swinging around of bollocks
Honest to God they are more righteous than
buzz, still got more shine in my earrings
Eris is a weird name, sucker I don't fear pain
Phishing is a mess
When you on mission to success
Couple women

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