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You're a classic pervert
Dress like a classic pervert
You're a classic pervert
Classic pervert
You're a classic pervert
Dress like
on the scales 
If it fails chip'n dale 
Hit the gym in animal skin 

Perverts in the sun 
Perving everyone 
Perverts in the sun 
Perving everyone 

you for a dance
But all I really wanted was to smell your underpants

I'm a pervert, a pervert
Can't change the way I am
I'm a pervert, a pervert
You're in the hospital.
And you're hurt.
And here comes your favorite pervert nurse.
And she's so clean.
And she's so neat.
And a week
Unleash the pervert's song 

Warden sing
Fools now sing
Stutters clog the pervert's song 

Sane designs
Brookline fed my mind to talent
Up and down the cracks in each other back


She excites the pervert inside of me.
She knows how to make me howl...
Learning English

Lesson 1

A quick beginners course for holiday makers and business people
Rock'n'Roll fans and perverts
Step 1, relax

God is a tender pervert and the angels are voyeurs
Watching us forever, their vision never blurs
They make us then forget us for a hundred million
I'm an old pervert and I hang around under the bridge
I'm an old pervert and I hang around under the bridge
I won't do you no harm I just wanna
feel so dirty when I think of you.

I am a pervert. And you don't deserve it
I am a pervert, and you might have heard it.
Hey hey momma its true,
Say that I'm mental, say that I'm sick
Want to put me away, say that I'm not fit
Call me a pervert, 'cause I'm always running wild
Say that I'm
I look into your mind
I rip apart your soul
I cut into your flesh
Decipher the code

Dangling from words
That pervert your mind
Cleansing your
The pervert and his angels hide amongst the stars and watch
And as we blow ourselves to bits the angels pump their cocks
Their semen flows across
and day
I'm a pervert

I like to go out on dates
See a movie communicate
We'll go home and have some fun
I'll tell you sure you're the only one
the camera's eye
Is a pervert and a peddler of smut
Where sin is glorified
In motion pictures starring kaka and vomit
Behind the camera's eye
Is a pervert
to fuck
You night and day I'm a pervert I like to go out on dates see a movie, communicate we'll go home and have some fun I'll tell
You, sure you're
never frozen
Pass the bill
Have your thrill
There's a pill for all your ills

You will condemn
I'll convert
You will preach
I will pervert

Lay on your
Kiss me please pervert me stick with this
Is she talking dirty
Give to me sweet sacred bliss
Your mouth was made to suck my kiss

Look at me can't
nipple clamps a gold cock ring a ball gag muffles up the sceams he brings them home he tries so hard but they always have to leave pervert at large sitting
pervert the word to indulge
In their lusts
You fool your being lied to
In the name of Christianity
Sixty six books tell it like it is
Not an act or liturgy!
They forged an image of his flesh
To brand on mugs and t-shirts.

They say one day he'll spring to life
To smile and clear your name,
So nail
The pervert's fantasies
Is the world insane?
A parasitic devastation seen
On your T-V screen

Your corruption is like a cancer growing inside
You owe the world
from those pervert people
Get strangulated by the evil farmers
Get buried somewhere in the desert around
the cracks
To inject the soil in which I stand
It perverts that of which I bloom
Disease slumbers within the earth
Blooming gardens of slaughter

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