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a decision 
And i will not give in
Persistence resistance be the best and beat my chest

(Persistence Integrity and greatness)
Beat my chest, yeah, beat my
whole heart out
I pace in the dark now
Got to reach for the armour
Find a light in the darkness
I'm not giving up on this fight (Persistence is calling
Listen... there ain't no way I'm giving up the fight again, not this time
I've got the radical persistence, born to go the distance
I've got
Speak what I want to existence
Ain't messing with me I'm keeping me distance
But keeping persistance
Keeping my groove
So young but still I got so
they don't really get it
Man it's all about persistence
I got it out my system
People say I'm acting different
I never want to listen
Let it go I lost
Persistence comes outa my bones, outa my bones
I'm proud to be a social animal
I want to stand alone, stand alone
I'm proud to be a social animal
Make it your friend

When there's persistence
When there's persistence
You can go farther
Beyond the end
If in the distance
There's more
You will fail if you're standing, you better man up 
Why, Because worrying faces standing in place all die 
Persistence is power, power is money lets
of your vision measure the persistence
How are you living?

I'll smack the whack and sell 'em crack while I'm laying down my mack
(I'm trying to tell you
It isn't mine, it isn't yours
Man to man I'll fight you for, time and life
Life and time
One day I'll get what's mine
Through the persistence
Pursuing what is right with even more persistence. 
More persistence! 
Now see a brighter light appear in the distance. 

If no one had any creed, 
oh oh, oh
love me for all my ambition
And all my persistence
I got a I got a I got a vision
I'm on a mission
She say she love me for all my ambition
And all my
Talent with the drip and persistence 

Tell me I look good when I do it 
You don't like me you just mad that I'm a win
You look stupid 
Nobody playing favs
The void in me is still missing
Kept hustling with persistence
I know you still rocking with it
I miss my brothers I can’t wait to see your face again
We use
From the beyond
Where no life

Rise up
Now together as one
Is your inner strength
Ascend from
The black beyond
I'm an expert with what I do yeah I drip with persistence 
Yeah I drip with... persistence

There were some sleepless night for the bag but
Poppa was so legendary taught Me everything
Excellence and true persistence Was the way to live
Always been an optimistic Visionary king
Hope you
I don't know this is new to me you get the picture
Ain't it nice when all these niggas see the vision 
Ain't it nice when all these women
Let me go in peace
Be the one who says
Drawn back
Locked in time
Drawn back
To her eyes
In this room
All I see is
Hope may collide
Just to find that tonight
Could define all of
Your inhibitions
Your own existence
Prolonged persistence

Everything is binding, I am
Patient persistence endurance God will give you your
Insurance giving you exaclty what you need trust in him
And he'll part your red sea I
And the fluorescent smell 
Of death, no

The rain’s comin’ down with persistence 
But there’s a yellow bus in the distance 

She got so bored 
Of that dripping IV
and rise and cry and fall,
So trust me baby oh baby,
I'm gonna rise,
I will win this prize,
Coz quitters go and do derail,
But persistence is the only thing
My blood, full of persistence I'm a task force
Look, I cancel opposition, what you ask for
Oh my god, why are you doing this
Using me

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