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Like Perseus, cut off the head of a snake
I just got a badge off the top of the Wraith

Like Phineas and Ferb
Don't know what to do today (woo)
So many snakes I stay stoned
Yet I'm Perseus

Yeah I'm Perseus
Bitch I'm Perseus
I feel like Perseus

If life is a matrix
The one couldn't be
nelžu, chyby už byly
I kdyby se opakovaly tak có
Dávám dvacet rýmů ráno
Na zahřátí pak studio
To je ten den jakože lusk
A je ze mně Perseus
Každej někdy
of Perseus
The demon star
Through you I see
To fathom and receive
Heights of the sun
The depth of moonlight dark

Crown upon the black of stars
By you I now
Cassiopeia ti dává sebevědomí
Andromeda dává naznak toho co sám pochopíš
Perseus zůstává v tobě čeká až se probudíš
Vlastně je to celý na tobě tak spytuj
Squad niggaz prophesize like the Perseus
Droppin degrees to zero with flatlines
Kill your whole entourage off with just one rhyme
One rhyme... one
Murderers get as cocky as Perseus when the kraken dead
I wonder what be running through these crackers' heads
So my niggas is spilling more blood than
The only thing that keeps me from driving this car
Half-light, jack knife into the canyon at night
Signs and wonders, Perseus aligned with
First we just, analyze the man
Small invisible form but grand
Mic removed from the mic stand
Now located in my right hand
Here's my plan, overstand
vain do I get angry
And meanwhile my beloved is already
Swimming in his own blood... With this sword
Ah Perseus, what have you done?
You saved me a short
Ursa Minor

Virgo, Taurus, Reticulum
Leo, Serpens, Sagittarius
Perseus, Pictor, Eridanus
Scorpius, Libra, Horologium

Little things they mean so much
Bop my head inside a hearse to this
Feeling godly though
Quite immortal
Awfully Perseus
Finger to the pulse
Aim nothing short of Artemis
Thriving off
do poço assim
Ela tocou-me nas costas, virei-me e olhei fixo
Tava rijo e severo, a medusa tava a rir-se
Perseus pediu desculpa, com escudo quinou
Glock trim the fat off a nigga like lypo, play on the station
Spit fire like spyro, dat, be that water, it's Perseus, hydro
Blaze in the booth I'm
Moby's gone near final chapter
Gungnir of the water way it took down such a monster
Lead into the breathing hot of Chimera and Fafnir
Perseus killed Cetus,
Use mass production

With our mass production
We gave the chairs a future
Our overheads will by high, but we'll get by
We'll fight like Perseus against
I could get my throat slit
By Perseus
Then let my snakes run amok
The top of her thigh
Slither across her hips
Live down the street
From where her
the rules bruh
Ain't willin' to learn I can use ya
I'm like Perseus holdin' the head of Medusa
And Imma tell you like Morris told Fracis L's son
"Why don't
Even with a babe inside it's justified
With time her memory and truth subsides
As devastation floods from her empty eyes
Perseus wields her head removed
Ooooo yeah
As the fire burns down low
Perseus follows where her trails go
Finds her dreamin' of the war to come
But stops it short the deed is done
Equality of man to a god
Like Perseus I am a son of the one
Too bad I feel like I am so lost
Soulless a shadow
A wraith of remorse
Sinner a fallen angel
Like some frisbees
Set it in stone
What's said in these poems
Of mortal men
Fighting titans
Perseus with Medusa's dome
So clash with that
Or beat it like
down to Perseus
It keeps me on the track
With its highs and its lows
Turn up, tune in
To this fucking beast
Of a 4/4 beat you let go
Cos' I think our
She moves without walking
She slides across the floor
You won't hear her coming
You won't hear the door

Perseus was petrified this time

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