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Speak of the armer
Forgotten by reality
Speak of the pearls
In crossing unnatural fragments

Perplex in a mortal disguise suddenly awared
sich ganz leise bei dir an

Du bist ein Herzbeben
Gefühlte Stärke mehr als sechs
Bin euphorisch zugleich perplex
Ich brauche dich zum Überleben
of you if you will
Stand in my way of debauchery
As you stand perplex, at my crafty finesse
Admire the display of this rotting mess

I can't control
spires and spittle of pearls
To perplex the young diver

I flew down to the bottom of the sea
Where I questioned the fishes all about it
I was in
retract convictions read
I may perplex, but I'm not blind
So take all this noise to your brain
Send it back again
I'll bear the cost shed my skin,
Call you
She said goodbye with a look in her eye
That would leave most men perplex
And I knew by the note that she pulled from her coat
What she meant when
Alles ist Schrott
Er blickte nicht mehr auf
Verlor den Appetit und dann sich selbst
So blieb man stehen
Und war perplex

Und einfach gelähmt
to the rabble we're in,'
Sources of inquiry have nothing to portend,
They will perplex us all until the coming end,

A feeling of despair, hungry and full
Like wen yu site whichpawt yu reach
Soh mi noh care if yu waan vex
Are even gwaan like yu perplex
Mi a goh show yu whey mi si mistah man

can make me fail
And you perplex this struggle
And I will make you fail

And should I run for cover
(And wane into you)
And should I cry forever
spires and spittle of pearls
To perplex the young diver

I flew down to the bottom of the sea
Where I questioned the fishes all about it
I was in
art perplex
Resentment remain both east and west
Police expect an arrest

For now, you'll get over it
Somehow, you'll get over it

You'll be
Which used to perplex 
In particular those about the big s.e.x.

I want to know yeah
I want to know
I want to know yeah
Tell me what's the reason
Regarding what you said to me
I think that you should never be forgiven

Don't persecute me for what I've done
Perplex, poisoned, predictable
I won't think twice, I am your baby

you will see
When it comes to love, I am what you dream of
When it comes to sex, you can't be perplex
want you to get perplex
Just enjoy the telephonesex
Bleck affchecks.
Dazo kann ich nur saare Frau,
Dat hätt Format, ich benn perplex!

Dat Kleinjeld, wat mer hedrinn bruch
Dat hässte selbstverständlich
one bed, and she'd lie next to the wall

"But," said the pretty lady, "before you me perplex
"It's you must answer questions yet, and that is
Uptight pussy's is the shit I'm bangin out

I'm sick of livin in these perplex times
That's why I kick these motherfuckin sex rhymes

Notice I never brake a set, Who's that Fuck it
I don't even know the chick, I don't even know that shit
Ex me, Perplex me, Flex on decks man
propaganda fe cause disappointment
Because them looking for some form of endorsement
Long time me watch them a perplex de youth dem
But Jah will never give
AMG und mache Business auf dem iPad, Hightech, Mic check
Bester deutsche Live-Act yeah, yeah
Ganz Deutschland ist so perplex,
Seit meinem Bin-Laden
Rap to the fullest, I totally perplex
The majority of rappers and they turn out vexed
The other competition because of my position
I don't stop
I'll perplex, any way you want to flex
We should get together just to check out if our love connects
Tell me now are you feelin' how I'm feelin'
I got

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