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I was educated by the school of hard knocks
Tell me who's gonna patronize me now?
They've brainwashed the suckers again and perpetrated the myth
And underestimate the number of dead

You pray we see tragedy isolated
Not a crime several times perpetrated
You blame the hangman but you're holding the noose
blessed us
Because man messed up, the media dressed up
Lies perpetrated as truth, and it left us
Confused, but I've seen it all before
>From Babylon
blessed us
Because man messed up, the media dressed up
Lies perpetrated as truth, and it left us
Confused, but I've seen it all before
>From Babylon
here rock and roll engagement. And The Imbecilic Laws of the State of Florida, and the respective regulations perpetrated by Red-Necks Everywhere! Do
freedom time, said it's freedom time
Everybody knows that they've lied
Everybody knows that they've perpetrated inside
Everybody knows that they guilty, yes

And you're living a lie that's been perpetrated,
For many centuries, I want to mention,
These facts in my rap,
I don't sing,

But I want
Yo who gets wrecked on the spot? You get wrecked on the spot 

I got this whole rap shit locked 

Many MC's perpetrated, and gladiated 

I perpetrated a lie
Juggling my life with one hand tied behind my back
Trying to find, and it had always been mine
I'm in, I'm out
I'm breaking
And I remember rhymes that I had confiscated,
But one day, this girl, she perpetrated,
She was cute and quite educated,
We got married at once, an it
Perpetrated over time, better walk the narrow line
Never challenge what we say
In the darkness of our mind, never thought we'd be so blind
You used to count on the end of your nose the one crime you perpetrated
Now it takes all your fingers and toes and even still it isn't sated
line, stereotypes perpetrated
Similarity of negativity
The chains that bind us grow stronger
Break away from the pack of mindless dogs
Taste the scent,
They hesitated, to even test it again
That's why they perpetrated, because they click is pretend
I'm on a paper chase, you know the road to riches
to rap.
The High-rollas.
Take it as you may.
I never perpetrated to this day,
Or did anything that they did.
Only catered to the way
That we created
who perpetrated odd favors
Demonstrated in the perforated Rod Lavers
In all quad flavors, Lord save us
Still back in the game like Jack LaLanne
silence me just because you don't agree
Worse yet, hate crimes perpetrated against whites
Ignored, and even emboldened and deemed right
By the mainstream
to protect schoolchildren from bears 
Climate change is a hoax perpetrated by Al Gore, who also invested the algorithm and named it after himself. 
This just
Fast food, cocaine, hell even Rogaine
We're all addicted to something from drugs to Jenna James
Television perpetrated these lies and it's so lame
Have I told you 'bout the neverness hoax
A vile trick perpetrated on you innocent folks
Was it in the fall of '93
During the rise of the galaxy

Perpetrated me
A serious fraud
So don't applaud
Feeling sawed in two
Part of me scattered all about
With the other half
not from Flint its like straight up fuck u) the others
Perpetrated but still we regulated
THIS FLINT ( If you not from Flint its like straight up fuck
need to take it to make it like claus I brake it unfaded
I be remainin' like say it I'm servin' hate to those perpetrated it

[Chorus: x2]

Government spin tells you what to believe
Hidden agendas designed to deceive
Dancing to the tune of the Islington beat
Myths perpetrated by

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