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To the Lord's defenders at the last surrender
Granted passage to the other side
Where he shall cherish in his name those who've perished
And embrace
fearless fearless fearless fearless
I be careless careless careless careless
My feelings yeah they perished perished perished
And we gone leave em
""Perished are all doubts. Perished are all fears. Perished into nothingness. I found that nothing dies. Stop to reflect. Stop to resist. Might
still don’t know what you’ve been searching for
‘Cause I gave you all of my soul
Ungrateful and selfish, you’re ‘bout to be perished
But I forbid myself
Countless legions of highhanded prophets
Spreading fear since humanity was born

End of all days
Perished in Flames
Souls damned for eternity
There surely has been a price we have paid

We fought for our loved ones, we fought for our land
We died in the fields and we perished at sea
We lived
lords destroyed
All the shelters
Innocent civilians have perished

We will never know
Where this fury came from
These serial killers
And these barbarisms
We're so glad that you came our way
We would have perished without you

Joseph we are the perfect team
Old buddies that's you and me
I was
someone out there just for me assigning

But when the days of golden dreams has perished
There is always someone to love and to cherish
The dreams isn't
to say or save
Oh hey
We could have gone all the way
But everything has perished
Still you inspire me
Just not the way I wished
I'm not talking 'bout
a blessin'
Smile cause i'm shining and this love is gon' be perished 
You got rid of me and if I was on clearance 

You had my full attention, you had me so
the middle of the night Perished in flames  Now we'ree in danger We can't survive Locked in with strangers They're gonna burn us alive  They fought a battle
Optimism perished from the face of my Earth
Then you came along, came along and swept me away
She kissed me, as we stood on the edge
perished, but gone before
And lie in the tender arms of he
Who died for us all to set us free
From hatred and anger and cruel tyranny
May they rest in peace,
A malnourished cinder faintly snarling as it perished

A snake charmer, every hour skewers the frail
Needles stich shame, they're slaves to traditions that free
So the path has become faint
Memories of us married, yes
All up in flame
Don't feel guilty shawty it's all for the best
We experience but we never
To impregnate your perished maidens
To spawn a flesh-bound plague
Scavenging under the veil of night
Now it's our turn.
To violate the pure in essence
To feast
Poisoned from beyond by the ones that perished
Everlasting serenity
Eclipse of eternity
Poisoned from beyond by the ones that perished
wisdom, now hold on to it
The graves hold none of it; they're crumbling down
Media, for all your social inventions
your better intentions have perished in
Carving the horizons in space and time
Just to find material for needed escape
When all things of worth have perished
What will you finally cherish?
broken wont lie
And your bodies may have perished but the memories themselves they wont die
If you love em let em go I guess you had to let em know you gon
perished in vein
Satisfying the empire's bloodlust

Flames of purification in the name of freedom
Bludgeoning to the sound of the war drum
Citizens bow
with the crowd - nah nigga ya hit pressure 
Contributing to that feel of depression 
Social skills deteriorate quicker than figs perished 
Add them cyber

My son has perished,
and the god,
against my will
and without my knowledge,
has gone away insulted.
A kingdom without its god
will not

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