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The juiciest ones .
The tasty and period ones .
I love pussy 
Ain't no pussy like the juicy one
[Art Garfunkel recorded old people in various locations in New
York and Los Angeles over a
period of several months.  These voices were taken from
my whole period

Of doing this album, I want to thank Timbaland who came up with
The beats and all the people who appeared on my album
Make it hot,
A calamitous future
Warning cries of inhuman terror
As time elapses
A period of purification draws near

Those who survive
Will endure endless
after night
We are falling apart
Now it's two broken bottles
And four empty hearts

Depression period
Colon, quotation mark
You comma you comma you, exclamation point
Close quotation, period, dash

Night and day, comma
You are the one, dash
period here at Recollection
10 years have passed, It is now the year 2024
And by government law 001666, we are sentencing you to life imprisonment 
Period of rotation around the sun 
1.88089 years 
Sidereal rotation period 
24 hours,37 minutes, 22.66 seconds 
Mean surface atmospheric temperature
she wants to do is

Question period's over.
Don't you feel it? I do.

You'll be pummeled by the certainty of minions.
already operational and under construction
For a period of 40 years
Tied to a post and with brutality of the period- burned
Fastened upon a hurdle and drawn at the horse's tail
Through mud an mire
Ceremoniously hanged
I've got soul in my bones
Got a home, a dog and a man to call my own
Every month
I've got my period
To take care of
And to collect in blue
will survive
to see another autumn
I will survive
on my own
I will survive

is testing
this is a period
I have to go through I guess
Gravediggaz, who was the governor of Campania 
during the Herculonious period?	 
Yo I got a question... are all of you there?
Question -- can any Jehovah
To rise up
To rise up

You have a limited time
To stay
On earth
You must try and use that period
For the purpose
Of transforming your
[Beenie Siegal] 
Beenie Siegal 
Philly is where I'm from 

[Beenie Siegal] 
We from P H I L A period PA period Eve they hearing it 
[Beenie Siegal] 
Beenie Siegal 
Philly is where I'm from 

[Beenie Siegal] 
We from P H I L A period PA period Eve they hearing it 
I've seen street corner preachers spending' discharge pay
Between periods of gettin' stiff
And happy tipplers singing' songs of discontent
Yo, ha-ha
I want to talk to the fellas for a minute
I want y'all to know
The flyest kinda ho
To get wit'
In '94, or period

but...certainly now that you've recognized the part that I played, I can hardly lie about it. I was in Camp Walters, Texas, for the entire period. Only five miles
glories will fade
But his truth it will not pass away
It remains yesterday and forever the same
The word is alive

The bible was inscribed over a period
With white lace, both hands tied, period dress,
I'm that thorn in your side, but I once was a rose,
Then you took me to the pawnshop.

With make
approaching the next period
The delusion that liberation is drawing near

Mind-set euthanasia
Arise out of impulse

Mental suicide
Exertion beyond
of eagles across the moon

Wow, wow, wow, wow

心を隠した his story
馴れ合う温度 知れば period

それでも予期せず 感じた温もり


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