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just another girl your the only girl

[Bow wow~]
U know my swag soon as I walk in (fresh)
U saw one flash I was so sparklin (click)
When I walk past
the suicide do's
Yeah, I'm the B.O.W
(Bow Wow)
W, oh, W, said I gotta

And I got a pocket full of dough, sold out shows
Steppin' out the Phantom wit'
I'll find me another one
More interesting, more fun
The man has just begun!

[Chorus: Bow Wow (Girl)]
It's really, really nice to meet cha' ma
Micheal Jordan
I'm forcing it that uh
I have the talent
And hey

[Xscape (Bow Wow)]
He's the B-O you know and he's off the glass
(Yes I've
Girl fighting over me like Brooke Valentine (ha, ha)
I Been known get down and do my thing
Got women over 35
Screaming my name (Bow Wow)
Flow so
Ask the girl, man she know what's up
They call me Bow Wow, The Don, The Dutch
(The Dutch) get out my face, homie don't get smacked up

when the girls go by is,
Why am I so fly
I don't know, but uh

[Chorus: x2]

I go by the name of Bow Weezy and,
All the other lil'homies be easy
Check it out man
My perfect dream girl, she have to be nice
Uh, I mean she have to be real nice

She gon' have to be real fly
She gon' have to be
a locomotive, here he comes again
Meow said the kitty PUPPY bow-wow-wow
Go and pick your guitar, Johnny donæ?° stop now, oh baby

Backed up by a jazz band, layin'
All I wanna do is be
Where you're at
Why must I feel like that


Bow wow wow
Yippy yo yippee ay, hey

Yo, take it to the limit
line in the girls room
To the bar for the electrodes
A coin into the right slits
Tape my temple watch me go 

Now I want your perfect Barbie-doll
The irritating jingle
Of the belly-dancing phony Turkish girls
The eerie glare of ultra violet
Perfect dental work


The failed Don Juan in the big
And a bow-wow-wow yippie-yo yippie any way,
I was straight out illin',
Why do I say so? 'cause yo, my girl was home chillin',
Fancy restaurant me and Kay frontin',
[Lil' Bow Wow]
Its hard to hold back when you 15
Got money by the stack and jumpin outta candy color lacs'
And every show packed to the rim girls
to keep the D up inside 'em now
So many girls off up in the mall boy a nigga be in the club (ohh!)
Soon as one of them walk by me and I be like, "Yo
a bow
The drummer relaxes
And waits between shows
For his cinnamon girl

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together
you expect man
Just to get a glimpse girls breaking they neck man 
Blinded by the light glistening off the brake lane
Bow hot as ever I ain't lost no
Yo! Yo yo! It's crazy 
You hear that?
That's my man Bow Wow 
You know it's off the hook when we up in here
So So Def
Let's go

[Bow Wow
Bow Wow and Omarion
So special
L-B Dub
That's my girl, yeah
True that
That's my girl
That's right
She with me homie
Omarion yeah
All I wanna do is be
Where you're at
Why must I feel like that


Bow wow wow
Yippy yo yippee ay, hey

Yo, take it to the limit
[BOW WOW - Verse 1]
When I was 8 I was rhymin not back yard game playin
Watchin Snoop anxiously and waitin for my chance man
Hot and cocky wit it
know what I mean? (Yeah)
My man Bow Wow (Bow Wow, yeah hear me now)
Yeah, ya heard? (Check it out)
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! (Peep game, let's go)
[Bow Wow]
I'm that girl loving, car dubbing, rims scrubbing, teen
I've been bad to the bone, since I stepped on the scene
I've been club ready,
the D-O-double-G
And I do it so lovingly
Diggin' this track by the Neptures
Baby girl, follow me to the west room
Now get buck wild
Don't make a sound
to the ladies, from all the guys
A big bow wow wow, 'cause we gonna make it a little mystery
Here tonight, this is DJ Eazy Dick, on the station that
Slaps you