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Oh we oh oh little perennials 
Where'd you come from? 

Daughter of my father's second cousin, 
Loyalties, I got em by the dozen. 
We share a past, we
Plans for tomorrow, they will remain

Won't you join me on the perennial quest
Reaching into the dark, retrieving light
Search for answers
The perennial hole 
I'd rather live in a little box 
Than be the Queen of the Amazon 
And eat peyote until my mind is gone 
Look out below you 
Bodily resignation
Enter the ancient spheres
Dimension beyond all dreams
Where time is forsaken
Perennial mourning
Eternal benevolent wings
I play the game of piercing fear. Is this the only sound ill ever hear? 
Of hate I'll rise of this perennial demise!
Well if I ever should fall from
impression, none that we could ever hope to have known

So look out, in the night
Once they arrive
On that perennial light
Impress a bolder empire
The shadows of darkness
Or the light of the world
Leaving those energetic streams
A soldier of fortune
Or a fancier at all
Keeping on for perennial dreams

spiritual shit
This will be a perennial trip
Damn (damn)
I'm that imperial bitch (uh)

He pulled a quickie on me
I'm T-Boz I got it like that
Sends a perennial shiver down my
American Perennial 
Sing happy ever after 

There's a Dance Band on the Titanic 
Singing Nearer My God to Thee 
And the iceberg's on the starboard bow
a 90s baby, a millennial kid
Indigos are on the rise to make perennial shift
Hope this music stands long as Redwood Sequoias
Pyramids and stones, like
pants saggin'
It's an All-Souls Processional
Ain't no question we true rap professionals

I gotta smash on the radio
Feelin' so perennial
Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love; 
For in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
It is as perennial as the grass.
It's the same old song that I always sing each year
But just because it's perennial doesn't make it less real
And I believe that you could be what
My mind the view erases burns inside
And then another fall

I plunge into a well of lies a cold
Perennial flow the vortex of my soul
Clarions forth the war
Spilling the wine of her fornication
Perennial the gore
Filling the lines between split nations
Seeping under doors
In time tides
believe you could be
What I need to believe

It's the same old song
That I always sing each year
But because it's perennial
Don't make it less real
you to the Spanish Mystic
Nailing you to the wall
Three shots ring out to scream
Who wants to play Roman Soldier
That lives inside of me
might stand and be counted
Perennial the serpents that
Proffer then throttle

Awe at copulating snakes
Copulating snakes
Copulating snakes
believe you could be
What I need to believe

It's the same old song
That I always sing each year
But because it's perennial
Don't make it less real
and the fellas too
Trying to be perennial, but chances living is minimal
She critical, exactly what made my niggas criminals
Typical AmeriKKKa, damn sure ain't
on the rag
Forty minutes late I'm a perennial lag

No more excuses

Spent an hour in the bathroom I was just gettin' ready
Can't drive my truck 'cause my chick
What, I blushed
premillennial gland kickin, perennial antennial kiss me again
Time to leave exit earth spaceship berth, no more hurt
I'll meet you halfway
of the perennial
And of the eternal light

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