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And I've got fever
Pretty features
Dream perceiver     
I'm a Nonbeliever 

And I've got fever
Pretty features
Dream perceiver     
I'm a Nonbeliever
Don’t judge people by the things you hear
Either how them look or by the things they wear
When it’s hard brother perceiver
Your destiny they your
it wasn't easy but yes it did take a lot
And sure life can be sour but it can never be stopped
And all that you can do is perceiver so you on top
In stealth
I'll do the crime
All on my own

I'm still here
Will I perceiver 
Shyt ain't clear 
Solitude severe

I'm still here
Will I perceiver
I thought you would save me
Thought you would sugar the pill

I'm a big dumb mess
Of uncertainty and stress
Just trying to perceiver 
I'm a big
guess that man is a non Perceiver
Non perceiver 
And it's all about the business 
Success is not a blessing
This a marathon, the tongue is my Weapon
grey cold perceiver 
Shakes his head at my abusive deceiver
Marching slowly towards the mirror reflection
Plunges the knife deep into my chest

The other
Perceiver, come on over to me
Cause I want you near 
To get away from this 
Im ruling out, all the possibilities 
That's puts the doubt 
Inside of my
perceiver, watch me walkin' free
Walkin on the water, yea I'm surfing onna' beat! (Ya)

Drippin like a big flow
Fuck a bitch and don'know! (Rrrah!)
to the people in my life that care
Without you I would be nothing but fear
On that note ya I'mma always perceiver
And for the people in my life
For you I'm gonna
afore my ocular perceivers
Those groans you auricularly discern
I'm frightened by what society has never learned
There's much more to come, what has
headlights to a deer 
Gotta perceiver 
I've been working for years 
You miss what's right in front you 
You looking in the rear 
Simple moments live forever
I'm not the person I was this time last year
Had to learn to let go of my fear
Took all my strength to perceiver

As human beings we are fluid ever
the chandelier
Pay respects if they classified as a pioneer
Don't interfere
Cause i perceiver
I came way to far in life to stop now
Did some much dirt it feel like
start to get depressed with an itch to find
Something that can ease the pain while you do the time
Losing hope in yourself trying perceiver
Caught up in
leave her
Ever been a believer?
Constant thoughts are just the perceiver
If I'm not a overachiever then this will be my fatal reliever
I won the nominee
Timeless, Patience
Bringer of the life, You Gave us
Patron of the World, You Made us

You Are Grateful, my Receiver
You Are Watchful, my Perceiver
a victim, believe that, I ain't tryna play with ya
I won't even go deeper cause I'm not a preacher
I'm just a dreamer and I'm a perceiver
I think the key
I feel like a
Helpless perceiver
Stuck in a hole
Where nothing grows

My mind is working

Try to let go
Don't give up hope

The nascent perceiver
I am everything and nothing
All at once

I wake to the same dream I had before
I rid myself of this accursed machine
Or so I thought I had
but got to perceiver
Survival of the fittest only now the strong survive
Better learn to stay alert sleeping with one eye
Open in the field
Never stay
get myself to manage just to stay behind
Dreaming all the time how we wasn’t dead broke
Writing every single day since I had hope
Had to perceiver
complicate it 
Pink skies, hate is denied 
Righteous mind, truth perceiver 
Glory be to God
Time goes by 
Lets smoke, lets fly
Global citizen
Bunch of stamps
is the city I want to be living in
A home where everything is perfect and there isn't sin
Until then I'll just steady perceiver 
Through all of these

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