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don't know 'bout it
Yeah, I take it I don't need nobody
Deep in the hell, in dark corners
Deep in my dreams perceived now
Yeah, I take it they don't
faster every day
Your thumb is searching for pictures 
From another world to define your day

Woman - speak out
You used to be perceived as a body
Woman -
Mass grave of the re-killed dead
A sight not perceived with sight
Remains grant me a vision
Disturbing the afterlife

Perverted rebirth cycle
All that you believe is a figment you perceived

Always in the dark, yeah you control the spot light
You get to pick the stars that shine, to make sure
a stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee

And the meteorite's just what causes the light
And the meteor's how it's perceived
want to be perceived the way I am
I just want to be perceived the way I am
and all that we've attracted and
The fear that forgiveness ain't the only thing that matters and
It turns into the

And I'm perceived as sorta making it
Impatiently waiting
To seize the moment
Blood churns
Rotten stench
Enhanced by your senses
Stone cold

Perceived by those who choose what's
I don't believe that we can conceive
Of an afterlife that's meant to be perceived
Catastrophes, calamities, catastrophe
Everyone loves a tragedy

And I'm perceived as sorta making it
Toast to all the imagery and all of the mistakes in it
Seeing is believing til you seen reciprocating it
a certain light, I see a flip side 
inside your mind. It mirrors mine 

And all is well 

Changed, changed by what's believed, projected and perceived
I'm shedding these demons 
But not this common dread
It keeps creeping in
It keeps evolving
It keeps me living with
This common thread
Of perceived
holds an ice-cream cone, they circle round
Perceived unknown by an eye that peers from a hole in the tent where no one goes
A figure sitting cross-legged
through a previous poem
Like he said, I'm mad famous, for being unknown
On records for ten years, I can hardly believe it
Never thought I'd be perceived
never be perceived as platinum
And cubic-zirconium never gon' shine like diamonds
Cause, no matter how hard they copy, they still not me
Y'all bitch
wanna be a man today
I don't wanna be a Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, or bi, see you later, bye
Not perceived by the things I believe or the color
Jimmy Buffett
I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest or a Naval Academy grad
That was the way that my parents perceived me
Those were
left abound
You are stellar and sound

I told you that you would never be more than
What is perceived and what is indeed
I told you that you would never
perceived the American Dream
Life ain't always what it seems, my younguns
Please believe strugglin', always provokes the hustlin'
To that we accustomed
Uh, uh, but you know that
Heck, I know that
Uh, ha, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
What has this world come to
When a nigga like me could be perceived
Beyond the trinity of words and in the vow
You can not be perceived or no one shall repent
O Parvardigar preserve protect us all
Without begging are you
Now the 3 of them are dying by the poison she perceived to be good head
Now Eve and her husband are perverted in their judgment
'cause everything
Beyond the trinity of words and in the vow
You can not be perceived or no one shall repent
O Parvardigar preserve protect us all
Without beginning are
or boisterous?
Do you hear noises just
Loud enough to be perceived?
Do you hear Del Shannon's "Runaway" playing
On transistor radio waves?
With so little

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