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The Peppery Man was cross and thin;
He scolded out and scolded in;
He shook his fist, his hair he tore;
He stamped his feet and slammed the door.
Peppery you so wicked & wild

You can’t touch my style
Cool profile make girls go wild – well versatile
Can’t touch my pattern, Smooth like satin,
to walk through April showers
I'm in love with spring

Children laughing, singing, dancing, playing all the day
Everyone feels so gay and peppery, summer is
Ramblin', where to begin
I taste the summer on your peppery skin
Been saved the warmer the waves
I felt a slip into a watery grave

My girl,
a pot
H-O-T spells hot!

Double quick double time
Hot and peppery
Double dip, double flip.
Double jeopardy
OK, that's enough!

Grits and gravy. Bagels
we ain't ducking no get back
It's Rascal and Skeppy
With something peppery for your headback
Ain't no disrespect better dead that
Come through
corn or celery
And could you please let Ma'neen go heavily
And She sorry caw di food might too peppery
You a mi friend and dat bwoy is ma enemy

run slow
His nose is earthy, fruit, peppery or rose
Sometimes he's Beaujolais and sometimes bourgeoisie
He'll warm you with his touch and copious luxury
Broccoli, get the best of me add its own spice now I’m feeling peppery
Hot cars, Hot broads, hot barz now I need some Hot grabba mix it up complete recipe
Oh you lofty rider
All peppery and gawk
You make me feel like mercury
Out for a liquid walk
Do you think that I don't have you
All wet from a fresh

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