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The Great Parade!
You have it made!

Into the crossfire
faithfully run
Middle America,
one on one
we saddle the fun times
Peoria Johnson told Dirty Ol' Joe
I can break out of any old jail, you know
The bars are iron, the walls are stone
All I need me is an old
Holy San Francisco Holy Peoria & 
 Seattle Holy Paris Holy Tangiers Holy Moscow 
 Holy Istanbul! 
Holy time in eternity holy eternity in time holy
a banana, where we're goin to Savannah 

Heartland of Georgia, Florida, or Peoria 

Yo I think here and now know downstairs why'knahmsayin? 

We gonna
[reversable words]...Needless to say that the party broke up...

Jason came in from Peoria wearing silk sunglasses
His girlfriend Gloria wore
people say from Chicago 
and St. Louis 
and Peoria by the way 
to the lake of Minnesota where the rippling waters flow no chances to be 
That thundercloud is creeping up the Empire Hill
There's shadows on the overpass
And puddles in the old dirt path

Lay silent
a tap-dancing mutant
I wasn't always like this
I was born a normal boy
But now I live in this world of joy!"

It's Benji from Peoria
Don't drink the water
And Peoria and New York
And where you live

They may offer you fortune and fame
Love and money and instant acclaim
But whatever they offer you
Don't feed
a guy who always functions Systematically.
 You got my whole family in Peoria, for you to see!
 And its free, Gabey, its all free.
 Its all free,
Oh Peoria
Oh cactus
Oh Thunderbird
Oh Greenway
Oh Bell Road
Oh Union Hills & 35th Avenue
Oh Union Hills & 35th Avenue

If I swung my tassel
don't be twisting the story up
I'm from Chiraq but caught my first body up in Peoria
Hit you with no delaying
So what you saying ho
All my lyrics is

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