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Mend this careless thread, it?s gone askew
(Thread on my sweater is pendulous, step back and pull it
Watch it unravel faster than a speeding bullet)
fuckin' with the best, babe
Cancel out the gravity
Telekinetic energy
All strung up and pendulous
You know just who you're fuckin' with 

Let me stay
She was not at all pendulous, in fact she was tremendulous!
Bra Size Forty Five
Bra Size Forty-five
Bra Size Forty Five
Bra Size Forty-five
She wore
deftly spun
From ‘neath his thrusts to writhe above
In ecstasy
Pendulous she swung
As if her limbs imbibed his tongue
To spill, as with his rod
The secret
from this Pendulous
That's maintains the taint of it
That paints the bit of me, with Complacency
And lately I run wireless Tireless, struggles to regain
Ending the night with a joint

Sat at home, pendulous jaw
Where should I sit?
On the couch or the floor
Spark up a biff trying to stop the spin
Let me

Your eyes that once were never weary of mine 
Are bowed in sorrow under pendulous lids, 
Because our love is waning.' 
	And then she said:
Renewed and denuded I lie here 
Awake to the consequence of less 
I can mount this all within a word 
The body is a table, however pendulous 

A seraph preceded 
Mouth impaled 
The body 
Torn away 


Now an altar 
Where they anoint 
Its pendulous spine 

A blessing upon
Ooo oo baby 
When I'm sexually implicit 
Nut butter 
Penal code 
An evil dirt brown face speaks beguilingly to a boy
An edifice at the bottom of a collapsed tree
It’s pendulous vines poking outward from within
the layers, stripping the flesh from bone
The pendulous acres of skin curling to form my robe
The eyes that gazed upon me, beholding my first moments

'Your eyes that once were never weary of mineAre bowed in sorrow under pendulous lids,Because our love is waning.'
She was not at all pendulous, in fact she was tremendulous!
Bra Size Forty Five
Bra Size Forty-five
Bra Size Forty Five
Bra Size Forty-five
She wore
Longing to breath the air 
Your life is gone

Scales of Blue
Axe of Jade
Thrown to clouds 
Give us rain

Brother of Sun

Rain made of tears

That tears me apart
Crushes my desires
The softened glow
Of the stars below
Is all I know

Pendulous, I calmly sway along
For this is who I am, who
And the rain has stumbled and fell
Leaving justifiable lashes by your
ruthless pendulous hair

Burning hate into the ashes and the
consequence left to unveil
to the sky
In violent perdition you'll dwell
Fucked in the fires of hell

The pendulous vessel resigns
While the soul drifts infernal
Harken to powerful forces
pendulous swing
Stoning a knife brings its blade to life
A reanimating thing
Numb to the pain, you bring it time and again
Your diagnosis is clear
Bodies you
of all of us
And I honestly hope you are kind

There sat beside him a younger girl
With a soft and a pendulous breast
And a cross on a chain and a dream
know it's pendulous
And tryna keep track of my lyricism can be strenuous
But you know this is probably the verse I'm gonna end you with
I know I

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