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And the cats and the rats they were a-playin peek-a-boo 

Who should awaken but the woman of the house 
In a white spotted apron and a calico blouse 
She began
Looking for someone to talk to
Love me, someone who can hold me
Is that you?

I'm looking for somebody I can call boo
Looking for the only one that I
Shhh the silence will speak to you
Hit you from across the street wile you tying ya shoe
Like Bang! Bang! say breathe nigga breath I stand ova
My side bitch on the corner, my Barbie bitch is with a tool
Gettin' money, fuckin' bitches

Gettin' money, fuck snitches, boo-boo in a ditch
know give me a motherfuckin break, will ya?

shorty was da bomb brown skin honey with the dough 
found out she was a lil' ho but still yo
pushed up
[Lil Jon]
If you fucking with me, you better get your ass out there
And make that motherfucking money
Rain, sleet or snow
Rob, steal and kill for
million dollar pad
Thatâ??s money over hoes with big tits and ass
I like to lounge on my yacht
And count money by the blocks
Million dollars in crates
me again, kickin' in your fuckin' doors
I'm look for dividends, I ain't lookin' for you hoes
You bitch can't comprehend, let me put one in your boo
Chillin at the club with T-Money and J-be
Lil Adrian and Boo, and my nigga, MJG.
I had the bitches staring at the twinkle of my diamonds.
Drinkin on this
the drop Regal
Do what, a Twista, Caddy, Po-Pimp sequel
On my way to the club, peek-a-boo motherfucka
But first I gotta roll one, for my people
Hate us
Your homies and your boo nigga
I'm just tryna keep it g for the youngsters
Fuck niggas always gonna be fuckers
But guarantee they can't
Now check the kicks son
We don't bother with loafers
We rocking Air Force One's
Rob yuppie fools
For fun call their boo's
"Hey hun, come here girl