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I left her by the river sainte marie
We pledged our love from to eternity
Now along the pebbled pathway to her door
We kissed and then we kissed
I got it bad for you, a bad heart
I'm falling back to your arms like waves on a pebbled shore
I'm 'bout to give in, my brain shuts down
And then
Waves on the horizon always coming to shore,
Hissing their approval as they retreat once more,
Across the pebbled beaches of my shipwrecked mind,
Of my
Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore
So do our minutes hasten to their end
Each changing place with that which goes before
In sequent
I left her by the River Sainte Marie,
We pledged our love until eternity.
Along the pebbled pathway from her door
We kissed and then we kissed
found out where your home was
I'd be there like Romeo was
Playing my part in the scene in the garden
And in my hand the pebbled stones
At your window
lights in the rain
On a busy roundabout
Gold beams in the rain
And the wheels
Sound like rolling tides
On a pebbled beach

cars they come and go
Yeah, but I've already done enough trespassing
This may be the one and only time
Watch you like I'm going blind
Padding barefoot on the pebbled
circling the drain and repeating myself
Unless I'm barring on a stage, the price done doubled
The ice pebbled, the mint muddled, a vision receiving
All I
Like a wisp of hair
Or a glint of thin air
That's what my life seems to me
Without you

Like an empty pebbled beach
Hanging, but the ground still
little holes
A pebbled circle to enfold

Oh hold me in your arms

A home-made cross
A drooping posy
A borrowed prayer
Whispered so solemnly

We live
Ooh baby
Ooh baby

Am waiting

Consume the pain
You pebbled my heart and I loved again
Broke your heart and you'll love again
I can't trust
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

The pebbled beach
The crashing waves
Getting lost near the caves

By the cinema
Past the Clown
The underpass
little holes
A pebbled circle to enfold

Oh hold me in your arms

A home-made cross
A drooping posy
A borrowed prayer
Whispered so solemnly

We live
I know that you don't see
That there's nothing left here for me
On my own, I've let it go
Like stones that I skim on the sea

This pebbled beach,
read the news today, oh, boy
About a man who couldn't breathe
The last thing he ever felt
Was the pebbled ground of Bay Street

And though he told them
and pebbled like a wet gravel drive
His eyes shine in dark like locomotive headlights
He can gobble up a cave diver in two or three bites
So don't you go
on pebbled stones
And sweetly sings its never ending song
We're going to the pretty place, going to the pretty place

Take me where the fishes swim
Consuming every little thing we get our claws around
I do subscribe to the thought that we are the dinosaurs
With pebbled skin, sharp teeth, a wicked
flipping bricks
They chatting shit
Man I put a O on the strip and trust me by my word yeh I pebbled every bit
M-man take a flight head down to the coast 
themselves until they turn brown
They’ll live and die with little taste of freedom
In their pebbled dashed mausoleums

Our still born hopes are up in smoke

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