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World peace or world talk?! 

One  two  three  four! 

If we really want world peace 
And we want it right now 
We must make up our minds
Sometimes I wish that I could be that guy (that guy, that guy, that guy)

Yeah, time is passing by
I'm losing my mind
I need
One, two, three, four,
Sometimes I wish that I could be that guy

Yeah, time is passin' by, Im losin' my mind
I need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 minutes with you

1 minute and the earth
Just as I am,
As always,
Watch the time go by,
Nothing left to pass by,
The minutes follow me,
Drunken little people, 
Work away in
In My Head
They're In My Head

Look behind the mask 
Try to find peace of mind 
And you'll find 
Just look behind the man 
And lead me by

Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch 

It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.. 

Chorus One 

Stand strong on our two feet, we
will die

It grows on grieve and selfishness and this one thing is true I know
It cannot live on peace of mind and where love is this tree won't grow
like you

My mind, my heart, my soul is calm
While I sit here soldering my see-2 bomb
Got some wires crossed
In my twisted head
Connect the green
sured for
It's like we're doomed and were headed for our last days
I wanna peace of mind, everlastin'

[Chorus: x2]

Kottonmouth Kings need to open
Strung out eyes as cold as worship
Two minutes silence in a century of screams
Tiny massive hands, emphatic lonely soul
Skin against skin
for you has turned to hate
And I think that it's a permanent condition
You say you wanna make the peace
Smile and turn the other cheek
I can't put
so long
That even my momma thinks that my mind has gone
But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it
Me be treated like a punk, you know
or the Federal pen.
'Cause niggas been runnin' since beginning of time.
Takin' a minute to tell you what's on my motherfuckin' mind.
Runnin' like I just don't
the motherfucking police!
They don't want peace, they want a nigga deceased
So he'll cease to be a problem, and by the way they perform
It seems the Klan gave
safe inside it

Two minutes of peace
Don't make a day
My hair must be turning grey
From all that thinking about it

It is unwise to tip the scales
Agains, I knew you were the one

When I saw Machine Gun Etiquette
I knew you were the one when I saw the Peace War comp
We got two Articles of Faith, 31
Yeah, yeah , yeah
Time keeps passing by
Your the reason why
(I'm losing my mind)
I need six minutes with you

Whoa, I need six min of your sweet

Glam Slam
Free your mind from this rat race
Glam Slam

Fifteen minutes ain't long enough
To be out your mind in a world so tough
again in Memphis
I hate every sec every minute you're gone

For so long we been talking and sharing the dirt
Been laughing at the fools who couldn't hear
Malice for your life
Rapid force extreme

Demented aggression

Hate is the reason I embrace these fantasies
Hate engulfs my mind
Create the hate, cause the cancer
Siphon life and paralyze

Enforce the peace, give medication
Convincing man to compromise

A modern Christ,
won't be alone
I just lose my mind, yes I lose my mind, 
Drip drop, tears don't stop
When he ain't by my side, oh no
All day, all damn night
It's moral deterioration

Hate mongers
Know no peace
Chaotic minds
Swim in blood

One race the human race
It's no discrimination
One race
times, think we're both outta our minds
Tell me girl, where do we go from here?

How can two people love each other
Then turn around and hate one another?