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The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea green boat
They took some honey, and plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five pound note
I'm thinking back
To all the stories you read to me.
About those little animals who went to sea
In their beautiful pea green boat.
But I can't
cowboy homo kind of love,

I know that us as a couple,
Will cause talk but I wouldn't mind,
Those cowboys will be pea green with envy,
When they see his
breath is bringing me to my knees

As we all wilt
Watching you wilt

Pea green the feeling
This song it was written down
In a pea green windowless room
Four o'clock and the TV's dead
Wired up with nothin' to do
I drunk all my whiskey I
down from the shelf
Romulus can't criticize but he can't bless himself
He has a tin of pea-green paint and a big roll of black tape
To vandalize these
there were peas and greens
cabbage and beans
it was the biggest sight you ever did see
When old man cucumber
struck up that number
and green, green pea green, cherry red and red and blue)
When my Amiga reads from a disk you know the
Green fills the room and your long summer dress fills my
right in
The sea is my mother, pea green and wild
There's so many ways you can screw up a child

Just one thing, baby, you forgot my heart
Just one
I found Sausalito

Drinkin' pea-green it's all in the view [need help with this line!]
Every shade marmalade every hue
Houses on stilts grow out
Tomatoes and sweet peas and green beans
It's a dream come true
I wanna take her stupid neck and wring it
That's what I want to do, too
But with
As you lie before me now, like a shadow
On a pea green sea
Never thought that I could find you so hollow
Laying into me

But this cup of wine
your head for me
Or vomit a beautiful pea soup green,
So beautifully
Across your stomach it said "help me"
I gotta know will you marry me,
love it if you'd spin your head for me
Or vomit a beautiful pea soup green
So beautifully
Across you stomach it said, help me
I gotta' know will you
the nerve, to call in orderves
Like something from a real bad dream
On my dish was a little piece of fish
Some rice and three green peas

I've never had
just me, I can't be you/
Say I ain't a hustla, man it can't be true /
My money pea green and my shirt sea blue/
If looks could kill girl ICU/
And I see
for that

I'll have a pint of lager please
A complimentary striptease
Give me a pint of lager please
And a bag of green peas

Take me to the kebab hut!
No Dennis Wise
With his home and away eyes
No David Vine
No John Virgo
You love green peace
I love green pea
Butter bean
And broad bean
have black eyed peas and collared greens 
And if you're from the North there's stuff just for you
Like king crab legs and Eskimo pie, too 

They have
as a pea-green suit with ruffles
We fold up chairs in a tussle
Outside we gon' put somethin' harder than muscles


Hey! Hey! Ore-ore-ore-ore-o
cops cuffin you up after your freak show
remember jail baits are developed so check IDs, yo
But still the home of black eyed peas, collard greens, that
it up 
'cause we've got burgers 
We've got weenies 
We got the Aunt May 
And the Uncle Bob 
We've got 
The green peas 
And the corn on the cob
Up in the bleachers in the penthouse, fronting
Stove burning a half a bird, you laker out, the legs is burning
We eating escovich, green pea soup,
out of pigeon hill potholes
Rat brain, shovel green peas offa butterknife
Racoon hat, moon boots all summer-type
Felt pressure at the center
the fields
(But not before its time)
Plant peas, and beans, green beans and rice
Haul manure from the barn to fertilize
And if the price is right I'm gonna

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