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Joe Patek

You can, you can see (DJ Khaled)

I got Patek on my arms (Phillipe!)
I got Patek on my arms (Phillipe!)
I put Patek on my arms (unique!)
I put
make an Emoji a chain (hey)
Ice out the gang, make an Emoji a chain (whoo)
Put on the Patek, to change up the weather
The shit turning into the rain
water (water)
Do the Phillipe Patek (Patek), if it's dripping holy water (water)
If she with me, respect it, she dripping holy water
Holy water
Patek ('ne Patek)
Ey, und ich parke vor dem Gucci-Store
Lass' die Scheine reden, Bitch
Denn ich hab' genug davon

Ey, ey, Rolex, AP oder Patek (oder
Got it on smash

Tryna duck my ex
Count a 100 checks
Tonight I'ma flex, ah (oh yeah)
Rollie, no Patek (owiee)
Give me the baguettes and my 40
Plain Patek, plain Jane, fill it with ice (ice)
Save ya check, you don't know the price (no)
Pull up, McLaren with wings
Pull up and spread my wings
That's too much sauce
That's too much sauce

Patek Philippe, the plain one
That's too much sauce
Hermes in the A
That's too much sauce
her thighs, supersize
Super thick her thighs, supersize
New Patek alright, yeah, alright
New Patek alright, yeah, alright
Super thick her thighs,
Two-tone Patek
In the Clearport like I Uber the jets
VVS's on me got my Gucci shirt wet
Put a M in my bag, I'ma get used to these racks
I went to school
(thot), love the Patek on my arm (Patek)
We got static (static), pussy nigga run your charm (hey)
Ghostface killers (killers), Wu-Tang, 21 news gang
it midnight Patek (Patek)
She blow up my phone like a bomb
When I’m not at home, midnight madness (Madness)
It 'posed to be here in the morning
come with the drank
I come with the drapes
I crush up the face
Patek Phillipe, I'm too unique
Gotta stop all the leaks
Getting caught with

I got the right ice
I can't do wrong
I got the black A.P
The Patek two-tone
I done went colorblind
I'ma get my shine on, yeah
a Patek in traffic like Pablo Escobar
I adapted, immaculate, I'm goin' extravagant
Hey, say my new tone, Earth tone, I can't do wrong
We change
Hey, so I still can't tellin' you lies
When it comes to business I'm handling mine
Yeah, I'ma kingface Patek my time

Hey, pinstripe Gucci my
trap it out in the vacant, yeah
Patek Philippe they got my wrist and they don't play with that
She been suckin' dick way before a nigga made it, yeah
ridin' 'round town with a gat
I'll beat a nigga face with a bat, pink slip pad, Patek!
I bought me the new Hellcat
I'm blowin' in a new Hellcat
I walk
on the Aventador
Lit it up, lit it up, lit it up, lit it up, now I look like a cockroach
Hop out with a Patek on my wrist and keep the .44
Hopscotching the thot,
Guwop how much you pay for that Patek Phillipe? (hundred thousand)
Pretty please get them broke niggas way from me (hundred thousand)
I don't want no
back of the seat, yea, yea
I'm out here lookin' like Meech, flooded the Patek Philippe, yea, yea
Bookies all up in the piece, we got the key
New Patek on my wrist
White diamonds, them shits hit pink
I'm ready

New Patek on my wrist (yeah)
White diamonds and them shits hit pink
Anna Nicole (Anna Nicole)
Everything glitter ain't gold (gold)
You're gettin' exposed (you gettin' exposed)
Hop in the frog and leave (leave)
the Patek face
Cop a new coupe, no top, that's the Cali' way
Drop a lil' check, everybody lit (lit)
Drop a lil' check, everybody rich (rich)
Drop a lil'
eat it up, feast (eat it up)
Patek Philippe (patek)
Nigga lifestyle ain't cheap (lifestyle)
Willow beast
Willow, willow beast
Willow beast

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